Don't Have access to my colonies


This happened after I tried out and logged into Supermechs. I lost access to my colonies, I get all the prompts as if I created a new account. My name is also different. Can anybody help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance.


Your colonies? Did you plant multiple colonies on the same world?


I have single colonies on multiple worlds, E1, M2, etc.


Oh alright. Was going to say if it was multiple on one era you’re probably just banned hahaha

@Alexander, you help people, help this poor soul


Did you use the same SM userid to login battledawn?

Even on the 2nd try?


Did you, by any chance, ‘link’ your SuperMechs account to a facebook or google play when offered?


No, I did link the Supermechs account to my BD account though. When I launch BD, the screen says “welcome Misty Tortoise”, and I don’t recognize that name.

@EnerGY I used my BD user id and login and linked it to Supermechs. I didn’t create a new SM id.

If it helps my colony name across all worlds is “Hard Carry.”


uh oh. From the sounds of it you created a new account and then linked it to BD.

@Alexander may be able to help you.

useful info if you can provide it:
current user id number
username you login with
what worlds are you on with the above name


current user id number: unknown

username you login with: lollerdude98
worlds: E1, E5 Solo, M2, for sure, and I think Fantasy 3, maybe a few more, though I don’t play those too often.


for the user id login to SM and see settings for info


Oh ok thanks.
user id: 32409644


I can probably recover your old account as a seperate account, alternatively I can possibly move over the colonies you play on (but this wouldnt keep achievements, tokens, medals of the old account) to your new account.

Other solutions may be possible if neither seem acceptable. Keep in mind I am not 100% sure, it depends a bit on the data still in our system.

Feel free to contact me on skype (dreamerofdestruction) to discuss this further if you want!


Could you recover my old account as a separate account? I think this is the best option.


Sent you a private message!