Don't ask me anything

really just dont


im serious dont

too late

you will now suffer the consequences of ur actions

What’s in the canister ?

Are you a girl?

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stop asking u rebels

Whaddya win to get your trophy

Do i like you?


are you like me in terms of forum activity, always watching and talking when needed?

Do you any chance knows what’s in the canister ?

There is another canister inside the canister.

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Then the question now is “What’s in the canister within the canister ?”

I never thought if that, hmm.


no asking just no


Weill you go out with me?
Jk No Don’t answer that, just laugh.

what did i tell u about not asking :angry:

I have corona with lyme

Was i allowed to necropost in your topic?

:angry: no questions allowed

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This thread is bad

This text will be blurred

you are funny