Donation and sand betting

What if you could help one of your clan by donating gold or tokens or some epic piece etc?
or if you could bet gold in a battle pvp or tokens or some epic or legendary piece would be easier to have a weapon that one needs and change it for another that you have repeated or that you do not need.

Que tal si se pudiera ayudar a uno de tu clan donando oro o tokens o alguna pieza epic etc?
o si se pudiera apostar oro en una batalla pvp o tokens o alguna pieza epica o legendaria seria mas facil tener un arma que uno nesecita y cambiarla por otra que tienes repetida o que no nesecites.


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I have not seen this guy here yet. No need to be blunt

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Trading is a feature that has been suggested many times in the past, although the developers have confirmed multiple times it will not be added
If trading was added, people would cheat, by creating multiple accounts, and channeling items they get there to their main account. It would be an unfair advantage over players who play honestly.



But in clan would be good…ok.

No, cause then I could fill my clan up with 23 other accounts