Dommy got Destroyed


[4:36:39 PM] Dommy ノ ( ゜ - ゜ ノ ). - ヽ ༼ ຈ ل͜ ຈ ༽ ノ: shud make 1 for an era with -0 boostin
[4:39:51 PM] Alfie ♔: but then you wouldn’t win


(ignore just banter)


How is it you find the time to do this but not to do anything useful in game


What are you talking about?! This is juicy gossip that must be shared with the world!!!


Shhhhhhhhhh :wink: This was your best moment ya emo


Please, don’t encourage him. For my sanity’s sake


You still have your sanity?! Clearly you need to spend more time on the forums here in order to lose it


Or just spend time with me <3

(also check out the edit)


Damn Alfie you savage.


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