Dog Owner I Need Your Insights!

I plan to install one of these underground dog fences that I found online for the safe containment of my pug. I want to know the thoughts of some first-hand users of the said product as I don’t want to simply rely on the great feedbacks that I am reading over the internet. I know that this might not be the right place to ask this, but I am still giving it a try. Thanks in advance.

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Couldn’t say. That looks cool and all, yet I trained my dog to know her limits. She a smart girl. She knows her boundaries.


Initially I thought you planned installing one of those two dog cyborgs and were asking for advice which version to chose - either Smarty 2.0 with factory installed logic of a German Shepherd or Hairy Brat 2.5 with some owner-enjoyability features, like licking people’s faces or jumping on your shoulders…:grinning:

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Really depends on how stubborn your dog is imo. I have a husky… a very stubborn husky. I doubt this system would work for her. I can just imagine what’s going through her mind “It’s worth the pain, just run through the pain! Must get squirrel!” If your dog is pretty docile in general (which most pugs are) then shouldn’t really be an issue. Though, I don’t really like the idea of shock collars in general. The other issue is whether or not you not only want to contain your pets in the yard, but if you don’t want other animals wandering into your yard. The fence only works 1 way; if the animal is wearing the collar. So this means other dogs, cats, foxes, whatever can wander into your yard.

Once again though, for a pug… probably not too big of a deal. They are usually derpy and chill :slight_smile:


Wrong place to ask imo

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yea just train your dog to know her limits. it was easy tbh. i also hate shock collars

Do u mean dog as in, the animal pet thing, or a pal, like, “sup, dawg”

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