Does this just continue to get worse?

The game seems to do a good job of adjusting rank until the vast majority of players have about 50% wins. At lower ranks, this usually happens from fighting a combination of mechs slightly stronger, slightly weaker or about the same as your own.

As one moves up to higher ranks, however, more and more games consist of: a) see 2000 HP all mythical mech and instantly quit, and b) pair with 1100 HP epic/legendary mech who instantly quits. This, of course, still balances out to about 50%.

Anyway, my question is: is there a point at which this starts to happen less again? Is there a point at which the number of close games increases again?

Yes, when you drop back down to rank 2…


At rank 3, this should stop completely.


You have not seen anything…!!

When I ask for 2x2 battles, simply there are no players. After waiting 10 or 15 minutes for a battle, the system assigns me players below 2000 (I’ve had “opponents” below 5000), with a bronze skull and some with no skull of any color.

It’s not fair to them and isn´t fun or fair to me. I can only say “I’m sorry, it’s the wrong system”. Some understand it and respond “no problem.” Others I don´t want to know what they think.

I am putting my effort to finish my 2nd. Mech and I wonder then if it’s worth it.

I ask, in these cases that there are no players, because after 5 min. (for ex.), the system does not assign an automatic opponent, a system mech like those of campaign battles?

You have the patience to wait 10-15 minutes for one battle?

I normally hit back if it takes longer than 30 seconds.



300+ players but just few of them are can match up your mech this is maybe causing the problem

And why did I do a 2nd.mech? I want to leave the 1x1, never liked playing 1x1.

Patience? Over the years you learn to have patience for many things…

It becomes worser and worser !

As I told many times.

It’s logic.

Reason … gap :


You probably have a godly mech and not a lot of people have those.
What does yours look? like this is mine

I have bad modules :frowning:


Modules are not bad, you need maxed them.

Remove the resistance and put more HP. Epic resistance does not serve much.

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Alright will do but I have not so good heating and energy shouldn’t I focus on those?

legendary modules went into weapons

Me too, if 1v1 takes longer than 2 minutes I go read.

HP is better than resistance (EPIC)? Hmm… I will take this suggestion into consideration. Thanks.

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With the strength of weapons now, the one that serves is the myth and maxed