Does this build look weird?

i think it looks weird

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yes, yes it does

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Right away.
I,too,think it has its place there.

Supreme canon and psyh weapons looks weird enough

The legs look skinny

isn’t this your 8th topic about this???

After equipping 6 weapons in a mech you are automatically a newbie. :))

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Unless you equip 4 backbreakers and 2 night eagles
Then you’re a god


Very funny hahahahahaha

Just upgrade you legs to legendary and you’ll be fine

WHat the why 4 Backbreakers? That would be a waste. For one, they cancel each other out.

like this

yes…looks better than before


At least belly of windigo not seen. I see it very aesthetic!

Now the Santa hat … I don´t know … it looks a little “tito” …

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i cant go on the actual website

Play at home…
It’ll be more comfortable

oh yay i am right now the ads are creepy


they are super were the blade queen ads