Does the starting class of an item matter?

I have been wondering if the starting class of an item matter?

Is an “Epic class” leg, for example, better than an epic level leg which started out as a common or rare? Or are they balanced out in the end?

Does the same goes for weapons?

It does not matter at all… Iron boots are iron boots, no matter if you start grinding them from common or epic class…

I don’t even know if my line of thinking works… or could I probably be comparing apples with oranges.

How about this… would it be better to sacrifice for upgrade an item which starts out as an epic (ex. desolation) or an item which starts out as a rare (ex. corrupt light). Let’s say for discussion’s sake both are drops from free boxes and are at Level 1 epic.

Which would you sacrifice first? Assuming you only have one of each, so you can make a legendary.

In terms of rarity, I probably would not sacrifice the epic-starting item.

However, in terms of power… I don’t know. Would they be of the same value since both are of epic level? Or… as I have mentioned above… Am I even doing the right comparison?

Well, the things are getting more complicated here. But from what I tested in the game, the starting position does not change ANYTHING from any perspective. So this also means fusion power.
But I would strongly discourage you from upgrading a rare to an epic only to fuse it to get more power on another weapon. I guess the only justifiable case of transforming a rate to an epic is for the sake of transformation of another epic into a legendary, but then the costs of such an operation are becoming horrid. So I would use rares for fusion only, and epics for TRANSFORMATION ONLY. And obviously, LEGENDARIES FOR TRANSFORMATION INTO MYTHS…

I see…

Yeah, the only reason I would build up a rare up to even legendary is for transformation.

As for fusion power, rares and common work (specially when the daily mission is still active)