Does the forum look a bit different or is something wrong with my brain


i think the forum looks a bit different.
i´m starting to lose my mind
here is what i´m seeing

and the link looks bit different 37%20AM
i swear some thing is different but i can´t figure it out so a little help please.


All ok with you, there was a change :exclamation:



Don’t know why…
it’s fill the entire screen


k just making sure.
and it does look a bit weird.


Yes, thought the same … kinda more for older people, who cannot read as good :exclamation:




Just found this thing
in setting


wow weird let me check if i have that


oh my god that is really creepy


They can’t even get my city right. It’s not that scary.


It’s the second update :eyes:


It looks a bit ugly to my opinion…