Does the army on top of a colony relocate with the colony when the colony relocates

The army belongs the colony, and is in squads (not in main base) , would it relocate with me if i relocate my base to another OP ?

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No. Only units that are in colony, not in squads, would relocate


Thanks for your reply.

In that case something very weird happened yesterday, my friend scanned an OP(we had radar all over the place) and it said no units, then he refreshed(same tick) and saw that the guy we were attacking had relocated to that OP, so we scanned his colony, which is now on this OP. Only to find that it was filled with his troops (270 vechs), how could that have happened ?

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The scans arent 100% accurate. There is a margin of error. There is a chance the player had their colony full of vehicles and boosted up a bunch after relocating. And could it be possible he had an army nearby that he moved there that was not in your radar range?

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There couldn’t have been any army … also his army was shown to be at his previous colony , and that place which now became an OP also became empty… we have scans to show the same i am talking about 0 to 250+ that can’t be accuracy error, also his army on the base was worth 99k metal, no way he boosted that up(know due to a spam that hit in 2 turns, again he was completely surrounded by our radar, this is in E2 (if that matters)