Does Purifier have myth form?

I want a pic of it, as well as a pic of reckoning. :slight_smile:

Yes, Purifier does have a myth form.
But I have not used Purifier so far, so it is still legendary Lv. 1 but you can see the possibility to upgrade it to myth in its stats:


It’s just weak asf and i would recommend you to use the annihilation or mercy instead of that ._.

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Dude,I have purifier and yes,it does have a mythical form.
However,despite using no energy and having no limit on uses,it doesn’t drain resistance,the damage on this thing is straight up garbage and has the same weight as a nightfall.
If you somehow get it,just take a screenshot of it and use it as material for a transformation :slight_smile:

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10 AM

Go to these two and you can find mythical stats and pic

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