Does Bigboy not drop boxes anymore?

I know the nerfed item drop rate sucks, and i am prepared to deal with the massively slowed progression.

My thing is i jump around on bosses, and i figure the items drops to be somewhere around 60-70% on them. However, everytime i play the last mission, i dont get items. So i played it 3 times in a row and still no dice. Whats up here? I thought in the update item drops on harder campaign missions were supposed to be better. It is a lot more work and a lot more energy for less return. Is this how it is supposed to be? Is it a money thing now? I dont have a money problem. I have a not enough parts to fuse problem.

I took the gold rush event as a sign that the devs kind of missed it. Is the whole point to use gold to buy boxes now?

ami big boy gives me good things birds a legendary gives me

I’m going to fight with big boy 3 times or 1 and he will give me something good

Well I think today I lost against bigboy because he did not give me a box buneo has a positive side now I have money:v @Burkeomatic

Well, i can get gold, what drops did you get, just curious?

eh obtube a common box with rare range letters so it helps me to improve my weapons and modules but birds big gives me chests fortune birds gives me only a legend and then gives me epics but it is better to only fight 3 veses because after many battles I will not give you anything and it will be bad gasoline

I did 5 bigboy runs and one time got a mixed box with 2 common items inside. That’s all. Hmm

I got a better droprate today with the next boss down from bigboy. might have been luck, might have been legit spawn rate difference. didnt run very many missions (just the 3 for the daily quest) but got a box every time, with a reaonable rare and epic rate. worth looking into.

I’ve been keeping track of how many boxes and runs I’ve done since the day after the update the nerfed drop rate. So far I’m at:

Normal Bigboy
476 boxes in 674 runs (70.6% drop rate)
44 fortune boxes containing 3 legendaries, 19 epics, 58 rares, 8 commons

Normal Ramboy
106 boxes in 145 runs (73.1% drop rate)
8 fortune boxes containing 1 legendary, 4 epics, 9 rares, 2 commons

I haven’t tried farming anywhere else, but from what I’ve heard the drop rate appears to be the same regardless of what boss or difficulty.

Since fewer boxes are dropping now I’ve had more excess gold and have started buying more mix boxes with gold than I used to. How much gold you spend on mix boxes depends on how much gold you’re getting per day. What I do is try to end the day at about the same amount of gold I started the day at.


674 runs in aday? How?

Where you can read that he did it in one day :question:


Ironically, today I got my first fortune box

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Never seen a box with a legendary from regular campaign mission before you should take a picture next time :o

They use to only drop epics I opened 14 of them in one session.

I drop one legendary from ramboy forture box yesterday so BB is not the only way for legendary items