Does being in a clan even help you?

Hi, I’ve been playing for quite a while now (level 82 with over a dozen legendaries, a few maxed) and seen clans but after sending a request here or there I’ve never been responded to nor do I understand the purpose of clans in this game other than the top few somehow get weekly bonuses. So does being in a clan give some perks that non-clan ppl don’t?

well, sort of? I guess it does you good with the items, but other than that, it is no use…

To my knowledge there are no perks. I’ve been in a clan for several months (not a top one), and nothing has changed for me in that time. I wouldn’t worry about it, at least for now.

Depends on which clan you’re in but overall no,doesn’t make a significant difference.
A clan is more of a private chat room for people in which they can talk about whatever.
But yeah,I think it’s nice to be in a clan…It feels like it brings people together and gets you closer.Also makes you develop a sense of competition to be on that top.Not just that,but it also motivates you to do better not just for your sake,but also for the sake of your friends (homies :blush:) in the same clan.
Might not be the mostbenefic thing in the world,but it sure as hell is nice,especially when you have a couple people you know/talked to in that specific clan.


Only time being in a clan is helpful is if you are in a top 3 clan. Otherwise its no use.

I mean it does help with moral support, @Kaen

Being in a top clan means have less top players to go against…

So in theory, once you are recruted it gets “easier”…

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Exactly it’s good to be in a clan because if a novice person sees you with mythical range weapons and a very strong mech you will send clan spam even if you do not want to

There is one advantage of being in a clan:

Other players will stop asking you to join their clan or why you are not in a clan.

Being asked those questions repeatedly every day in PvP matches is what made me start a clan for myself.
Now those questions have stopped.

So the best advantage that clans (except for top 3 clans) bring is that you get rid off of the disadvantage (being questioned every day) that is caused by the existence of the feature called “clan” in the first place.


no its not, its an excuse for friends to leave you in the dust without saying anything. the only good it does is get you items that you probably already have

It allows you to brag like that brat Yahia Salem.

“My clan top 13”

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It depends … I have as rivals all the tigers of HTK and Reign (which are the majority of those who are in 3x3) … so for me the truth I consider a merit if at the end of week I manage to stay on the top 10 … and without plates or myth resistances …


I just need one more mech and it’ll be up there with u !
I’m now stuck in the no man’s land in 2v2!!!

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Thanks for the responses :grin:
No way I’ll get recruited in top 3 and thus far no requests to join any clan, but if it’s not beneficial then I’ll continue a solo player.
Thanks again everyone.

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It stops spam invites for clans… hehehe

No it doesn’t, I’m in a clan but people still ask me during fights, it’s so. Damn. ANNOYING. “Join our clan it’s top 6”. Sorry but that’s gonna’ be a no for me fam.

Why is it annoying? Just ignore it and kick their arse or just say no lol

There are some benefits in beeing in a clan.
The most important is the clan chat, since you can chit-chat with others, tell jokes, exchange ideeas.
This feature it’s cool.
If you are in a top clan, well those clan rewards don’t actualy mean alot, since 2 epic powerkits, and 1 epic item, will not get you that far, this is good since it doesnt give such an advantage to the tops, like it did in the legacy version, and doesnt create the gap that was made back then between not-tops and tops(a mythical a week was too much).
The medals that you get, well they are so and so, they give you some sort of distingsion, call it bragging rights, it’s ok if you like these things, it’s kinda of a recognition that you roll with the best of the game.
The bad thing about beeing in a top clan, is the petty clan rivalrys that will get you into the insult crosshair of some players.
All in all there isn’t much to be gained beeing in the clan, from an objective point of view.
But you will make friends, and rivals, and it will enhance your game experience as a whole.


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