Does anyone still hate the 2v2 only rule. Cuz it unbalanced the game by a landslide for me


So yes I know a lot of u think that you are “used to it” but of course I am still not used to it. My second mech sucks because of the fact that I don’t even have items I need to make it good. This is not fair and I hate it. Pls still brind back 1v1 and 3v3. Its for the good for every person who did 3v3 and 1v1.


I get unbalanced for a while but I have a bit of advantage the best thing to do is to put aside his mech and start working with his second mech so that he has advantage of his opponents :slight_smile:

Although it was the worst idea that tactisoft would have had…


I made a thread on it.
Hell no,I still hate this update.
Things got crazy!
The arena is cancer now and sometimes it’s just unbearable.
I hate this from the bottom of my heart.


I’ve liked it since the start


Don’t worry.the problem is only short-term.after your second mech is well fused things will get back to normal.


I personally have my likes and dislikes.

I like how it makes me work on a different mech, which adds some variety. And I like the different tactical considerations I have to make.

I dislike the lack of options a whole lot though. It takes a LONG time to get a half-myth mech up to speed, IF you have the items (thankfully I do). So for those who weren’t prepared, this was a real punch in the gut for sure.

So, I’m kinda ambivalent here. Its good, its bad, we’ll just have to live with it for now.


I kill both their first and second mech with my first mech. My second one is like a backup plan. Unless if they’re energy. Then the battle is over already.


I personally have a fairly normal distribution - some get annihilated by first mech, most need both, a few just destroy me completely. As far as fairness goes, aside from physical being a tad OP, I’m cool.


git gut


It made small amount…
Everyone is leaving lol


itsnot peak times yet lol


As far as i even know…we are losing it.
this 2v2 thing must be stoped.


Still don’t like it, and I’m so far away from finishing my second Mach… 2-3 months of loosing. Never use to quit fights, but now I know some players have Machs with double 2200 life. So I quit before start screen. NOT FUN !!!


I hate it. I am top player and any time you force players to do something it causes chaos. If you guess wrong on mech order you lose. How is that more competitve ? If you had an awesome 1 v 1 but no second you have been dashed onto the rocks of skid row in the standings. Its bull puckey!


My words to the 2v2 update 22 days ago …

  • 1v1 you have wins (and losses) depending on your overall strength (means your mech had to be very balanced to win most)

  • 2v2 is the one out of the 3 battle-versions (1v1, 2v2, 3v3), where you NEED most luck, because win is mostly only depending on the right row of your mechs :exclamation:

  • 3v3 you can change mechs, so it is sometimes tricky for the opponent to know if she/he should also change + with 3 mechs there is a long way to show strongness

2v2 is the one of the 3 versions, where LUCK make most wins :exclamation:

Just a fact, knowing this for sure, cos of my huge experience in all battle versions (see my Single medals) :exclamation:



Gotta agree with you there - L4K3’s made the same point, too. Luck is not a thing I like to see in PvP, at least in more than small quantities.


1v1 is mostly about luck too


Actually, I’ll have to disagree there. I’ll explain:

First, 1v1: You vs. the other guy. At start of match, you know exactly what you face - what weapons, their level, his core stats, his position. You can plan your strategy accordingly and leverage your weapons for max effectiveness every time. Sure, position is random, but a well-built mech will be able to handle any starting range.

Second, 2v2: This adds a ton of variables. First, let’s eliminate one and assume both mechs are fully fused. Obviously, this is rarely the case, but as time goes on the current level difference will get smaller and smaller. Now, which mech do you start with? Which one will he go for? You have 4 strategies to consider, not just one (each of your mech vs. his two) - and if you guess wrong you may be dead meat. Chances are, a mistake here - at the starting screen - will be disastrous, if not unrecoverable. Sure, you can switch mechs, but that gives your opponent the initiative - and he can switch too! All this means that a match’s result is heavily influenced by luck - he who draws the right mech wins. In 95% of cases, if you can’t get your opponent’s mech down to ~300 hp before your first one dies, your game is up. His one extra salvo he gets before he goes down will take out something like 20-30% of your health, and you’ll have to waste ammo taking him down. Even worse, I often switch mechs when I take out my enemy’s first - thus denying him the 5% damage bonus. I’ve even clutched a few matches when my second mech gets overpowered, only to have the first one reappear and deliver the coup-de-grace.

Finally, 3v3: I have only a small amount of experience here. My clan leader, L4K3, is the best resource I’m aware of for 3v3 strategy, but I’ll do my best here. Sure, 3v3 changes the variety of starting combos to 9 - but it also seriously lengthens the match and allows for recovery of mistakes. I know that L4K3 actually focused almost exclusively on 3v3 before the update, tailoring his mechs - and his strategies - to maximize his win chances. Plus, in 3v3 before the update, you always started with your first mech, meaning the luck factor was reduced to the same level as 1v1 and allowing for truly epic battles. Even with the current system, however, 3v3 is superior to 2v2 due to increased match length.

In summary, 2v2 is the match type most heavily influenced by luck. As for 1v1, luck primarily centers on starting position and RNG damage values, which are unavoidable (as well as applying to any match type). 3v3’s length allows for some truly deep strategic thinking, making it superior to 2v2. Thus stands my opinion.


Selecting your mechs when seeing opponents brings more tactic than selecting one mech and hopeing that your opponent will have low heat/energy/health, that just my point of view tho


Some people just build 3 mechs to see the other people’s mech to see how weak they are…