Does anyone have this weapon?

I’ve seen images of a legendary Repulser. Does anyone have it? They managed to make it mythical? Can you tell me the statistics?

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i wanted it but i did not get to the portal in time

I tried to get it but I did not get it in legendary

ARMOR DISSOLVER(L)—(18), 2-4 Range, 41-55 PysDmg, 3 Push, 2 Uses, (0/62 Cost)

stats and name for the L+M version of repulser.

how hard is it to get now

Thank you for giving me your statistics (I thought it was also called the same as the common one :smiley:

it’s better to use a rare repulser because it needs a lot heat

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Oh apologies, those aren’t mine. I got them off the Mythical’s Thread. Thank them!

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Well, I thank @Andernut for having put the statistics of the weapon and I thank @Transcendant For telling me the statistics xD

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I feel that a person from the community had the mythical weapon but I do not know who it will be …

If I recall, @BenitoBathsalts had maxed it (he took one for the team). Although if I’m wrong,I apologize Benito.


I think I can confidently say it’s the only weapon which is flat out worse when the quality (tier) is higher.


i dont know why they made it like the vandial rage

Yea their very hard to get I don’t have one either I’d say their hard to get because you have to get it at ledgendary .

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Rare repulser best repulser


I had 5 of those and I used them for transforming my items
It’s myth food
The rare repulsor is better than myth



That item simply stays true to its name “Repulser”.
The repulsion to own and use it increases proportional to how high its rarity is.


I had 3 and I loved to fuse them into my bright roar