Does anyone have the original pic?

I fell in love with this painting and want to set it as my wallpaper but I need the original picture, does anyone have it?

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How old is that picture ?

Oh, it’s old alright. It has existed ever since the early days of Supermechs.

Yes, I’m a veteran player.


Yes you said it’s old but how old is it?

“I’m a 4 month old player”

Its about 6 or so years old.

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So far i know this picture was made between the alpha and the beta of this game.

Sorry if i said something wrong, i played this game 3.7 years ago

Father knows best

@Alexander daddy, when was this picture made?

Well, if you look at the logo, it’s rather old. Like, this logo got replaced by the silver one and then re-replaced and then once more… Which means it’s older than 2014 I think.

It’s drawn - Liran is a talented artist but he’s got far too busy on the game itself to actually make such ‘vanity’ art quite a long time ago. I’d peg this as original Super Mechs but slightly post-alpha, 2012-2013 is my best guess!

As for BD’s background, also drawn by Liran, is the one we have saved.

My guess is he might have a higher quality one somewhere, not sure if he kept track of it though… I’ll ask him next time we speak and look around the files a bit to see if any is saved for public use. Could also wrap some generic background behind it.