Does Anyone Have Dev Contact?


Is there any way to actually reliably get in contact with the devs? Because it seems to be absolutely impossible to pin them down, and I think thats a serious problem



these are all the devs I know
you can pm them for anything
(Sarah is actually the community manager, so if you want to get something through to the team you usually contact her)


ive pmed them before, and had them pmed for me on a post, but to no avail unfortunately


What are you messaging them about?
I (usually) get a reply, along as its mostly respectful


a broken account blocked by the new update, asking for help either deleting items or having some sort of respite, if i just had a couple items I could upgrade then id be set, but nope. and i was quite respectful but still no response


who did you message?


sarah. then bestplayer messaged her and mohadib


I don’t know dude :confused:
that sucks


yea its fine. hopefully someone sees the thread or has different info


You can contact Super Mechs Community Facebook page. You can be 100% sure they will answer.


They do not care about pm i sent them a forum event idea about a month ago and they have not answered me back yet


I still expect response from them, it’s only been a week, it’s time


i think the only one that cares is elecent


Elcent is not a part of tactisoft


in the end this was simply ignored as well. Maybe we’re not paying enough