Does anyone else's weekly prize do this as well?


My screen froze at this last moment of recieving my gold and I had to refresh before recieving my box… This also happened to my brother whom I had watched a few seconds before I opened mine. My brother is @SeanChoi1870


@Winz_Kay you are lucky it went into unclaimed boxes…mine disappeared completely…


this does not make me laugh … they did not give me a box


Normally if this happens, the items will sneak into your inventory, so you can check there.

I got 3 extra purples, so I got the box.


yeah I think that’s what happened to me because I got a few epic items in my inventory that weren’t there before


that happened to me. had to reload the page


Same. Sb know what you need to get legendary item in these boxes? I’ve got it twice or thrice I think but today it freezed on gold and I don’t have extra legendary item (sadly idk about epics, too much of them to control it)


Similar issue but when I go to collect my inventory is full it says my box will go to unclaimed but doesn’t has happened 3 times now :frowning:


The game loves to eat up Unclaimed Boxes, better clear up some inventory space if possible.


Yep, just I tend to forget before collecting the weekly. Thanks :grin: