Do you think we ever see

Do you think we ever see 6 vs 6 in new version ?

What about kits or repair module ?

Unlimited mech changes ?

That would make for some long good fights :slight_smile:

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unlimited HP :wink:


The one who pays most wins.
In 2v2,the one with the most L-M’s wins by default and the battle won’t even take place anymore.

I want this :slight_smile:


That looks like cool game :slight_smile:

A 3D game…

Dont give them any idea for money grabbing updates with legendary grim reapers for compensations again

6v6 does seem like a good idea. Though making 6 decent mechs take a lot of time farming and stuff.

But yeah, It’s nice to have a long battle.

We already have that , its super mechs but in 3D without bad updates

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Oh like war robots the game where you shoot misslies at each other

I mean if supermechs was 3d when it is published, war robots published in 2014 and supermechs published in 2012

Would love to have clan wars. Where clan would bet toks, and the winner takes it all…

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photoshop 100