Do you think America landed on the moon?


Interesting point. Care to explain why this is important? Why should there be 1?

Or chuck me a link?


can i see the pic if you dont mind



Now tell me please why :question:


nice pics i see what you mean on the first one the second one thats a giant fog maker jk


I don’t know the science behind this so I found other pictures of the sun that have the same feature:

The reason for the extra roundness in the space photos is due to the lack of distortion as you find on Earth

I believe this is viable and can be seen as there is nothing wrong with the sun… But I am not sure what the black spotlight thing is.


I see sunbeams at your pictures, but not 1 circle and 1 ring around :exclamation:

The thing is a modified search light for war, to see the bomber in the night and to be able to try to shot them :exclamation:

You can even see in the picture that the front was made longer (other material), because all original were shorter …


i know i was just messing with you and i see what you mean for the sun pics provided by winz


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We can agree about the outside-“circle”, the sunbeams, but how you see a circle at your middle signed thing :question::question::question:


The green bit?


You mixed it …

I see in my picture a clear circle = sun = your blue colour circle.

I see in your picture the sun = your green colour circle.

The blue circle in your picture is not the sun, that are sunbeams :exclamation:



Ohhh so your blue is my green

But in the darkened version of your image, you can see the direct sun shown and I interpretted that as the green bit


i have 1 question if you look closely at this pic
why do you see + all over the pic on the left side
and for the right side at the bottem part of the circle there is a think line


Those are called crosshairs. They are part of the image taken for camera technological reasons


oh that makes sense okay never mind lets get back to talking about the sun


When Sputnik 1 came.


thats from the used camera from Nasa … hasselblad.

But thats not about the point now, please lets stay at the 1st point to clear …

again I see …

at my picture the sun = your blue circle, a clear round circle, NOT sunbeams

here an other example, short shaft, at the Nasa picture you can clearly see that it was made longer (modified) :exclamation:


oh wait they added like a the top part of an ice cream cone looking thing to make it a bit longer
in other words they imagin the part where the front part of the light is they added an extension and it would look longer like if you were adding a silencer on a gun so the gun looked longer i get it


Like you wouldn’t believe WW2.
Yes they went to moon cause if spaceX decided to go to Mars then NASA probably did went to the moon.
If they didn’t,spaceX would probably took over.


Sorry, I so no logic nor any factual content in your statement :exclamation: