Do you think America landed on the moon?


From Human World July 20, 2018:

A 1999 Gallup poll found that only 6 percent of Americans doubted the Apollo 11 moon landing happened. But – as the 21st century brought a rise in internet use and a different standard of truth in media – that number has risen, so that Wikipedia’s entry on this subject (Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories) now suggests:

  • Opinion polls taken in various locations have shown that between 6% and 20% of Americans, 25% of Britons, and 28% of Russians surveyed believe that the manned landings were faked.

So at this rate, all of you will eventually come to the truth :rofl:

Anyways, I like how they link the change to:

  • the Internet bringing a change to the standard of truth in media,
    rather than…
  • more people realizing most Mainstream News is Fake News

It’s all about the brainwashing people

Anyways, as they say in the biz… `We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…"


WOW! Just Wow! 20 Wows… :confounded:

Have you guys ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? It’s where a hostage starts to sympathize with their captor.

  • Here, NASA’s completely duped you by staging a Challenger Disaster Hoax, and now you try and defend the very ones who’ve lied to you?

Go to the actual link and see for yourself. All those people are alive, well, and working everyday jobs. Those photos are from their actual social media accounts or websites advertising their work.




nasa is nasa in Hebrew. and vice versa.
Don’t go telling me this nonsense because Google is a number. Tesla is a dude’s last name. Apple is a fruit. Are you saying that these other big corporations have secret hidden meanings behind every little crack? Apples comes from the english word Apple; a fruit. Thus meaning that every iPhone you hold is a fruit.

"…the red chevron, in the alternative shape of the constellation Andromeda…"

Take what you want but a snakes tongue? Anyone can go and say anything, make up anything, and convince people anything but you gotta read what the official statements say.

Challenger Disaster staged? These look quite real. But that’s not to say that the pilots were in the shuttle… I have yet to look into this one more but in the meantime:

Poor families, came down to support only for it to be the last moments of their son/daughter etc.

We can say the same to you though…

Van Ellen Belts - Not as lethal as you thought.

Sooo… in the images you showed us, you just showed the point in which NASA lies? I mean, so does every other government and any other big corporation you have ever witnessed.

Why need pictures when you have an entire video?

They’re not bloody stupid.
There are millions of cars all around the world, why not don’t crashes occur for everyone at every minute someone drives?

They have a system worked out obviously, like a system created for planes and aircrafts.

And can people not use someones imaginative creation to create it in real life?

The aluminium you see in cans and other items aren’t the only type of “aluminium” there is, you can creat aluminium alloys that have better properties but cost more:

Satellites are used for Television, online postings, etc. A GPS can not give you any of these. These are electronic advancements. Obviously.

Because, cousin, that’s the fastest way of “telecommunication” but does not provide the television or TV show you’re currently watching on Netflix.

Another hypocritical demand…

If NASA admitted it, then there we go. This debating point has come to a close. It’s an Arctic Lemming found on Devon Island.

They admit they couldn’t so instead they just went through it. Easy and done. They never found a way around it, they just endured the radiation after discovering it wasn’t as harmful as one thought.

That’s because no one wants to hack your nanas archives full of their grandchildrens naked baby photos.

Okay, so here’s the points I still have to research on:

Did they really? I was not aware, I will research it all.

Because it’s not deadly to HUMANS

Will research

Who cares. This one is truly petty.

They showed a video

May I see an image of this?

You realise that once your in motion in space, you can’t really stop until another force is there to stop you? Perhaps that is how the flag manages to keep waving at the same pace.

I feel like that’s enough for today… I am not trying to offend anyone, this is all a general debate in my view. @bestplayerintheworld and @cousin_joe I wish you luck. I hope you open your minds to, maybe, changing views? I am currently opening y mind to both view points atm. @Yeet and @dankmementos let’s be civil. I hope we come out of this with a more wider understanding and anyone can walk out with whatever they believe.


Here guys, 9 minutes and 7 seconds… if you care at all about the truth, watch with your undivided attention…


Try and debunk that


I am talking from a picuture taken in the 21st century :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:
That would very fast / easy proof, that they were on they moon, please EXPLAIN why they did not the last 17 years :question::question::question:
(and please do not tell me they would not have the technology for, they show pictures from other galaxies, but not able to look at the moon = LOL)

Best joke ever, thats why the test-dog didn’t survived a few hours, and whole Russia never ever send again an Astronaut even into depper space, cos they had a lot DEAD Astronauts :exclamation:

2 Italians doctors had a hobby, they had best equiped radio to listen to the space at that time, they heard some Astronauts dieing :exclamation:

So this is how you argument, making fun of others, instead bringing a real answer, explanation :exclamation:

Questions stands, how Nasa witha 600 billion budget lost ALL thes Apollo data, original footage AND knowledge :question:

Are you serious :question:
1st of … it is very very deadly
2nd … IF you would have the LUCK to survive, you would have serious damage

A sun, which has “magically” 2 rings is “petty” :question:
Nasa even didn’t managed to hide all pictures were a flaklight / searchlight was to see at there testing-rooms (testing for the moon) on earth :exclamation:

Thats explains 100% the 2 rings at a picture of the “sun” taken from the “moon” :exclamation:

I will give you a huge tip now …

  • 9/11

  • WTC7

  • Afganistan/Irak

  • Oil

  • war propaganda

… research for 2 days about these stuff, in that row, and it will make maybe click … some braincells will conect to each other :exclamation:



The Van Allen belt is highly radioactive… but not dangerous to humans.

That lady is clearly talking about her own personal career.

“Fly in earth orbit” to me, means to have a sustained flight around in space. The moon landing was a direct flight without a changed trajectory. This is almost a catapult but not a “flight”

That guy obviously meant that they were destroyed during dempnstrations of going to moons etc. They didn’t purposefully destroy it.

These temperature numbers require proof and reliability.

The reason they endured the radiation was because they were on the clock. They had to beat the Germans or whatever and didn’t have the extra years to fully protect the astronauts. While in the dentist, they have had the time and advancements and want to do the most they can to protect the people and customers.


But seriously the real question should be where the hell is my missing sock after I do laundry? :thinking:


Technically it was the Russians or Soviet union


Just want to point out - the flag on the moon had a wire in it to hold it up. Just so you know…


I can only admit defeat here as there is no way I can personally check if they were taken on the correct date.

Can you link this to me? I can not find anything about a “dog”.

I searched up “test dog died during Van Allen Belt testing” and I got nothing.

You brought up the “nana” so I continued on… what I meant was, NASA is a famous corporation and many people would like to hack and corrupt the place while you nana has nothing of value that would need higher levels of security to protect it.


Please link me to why this is important?

I will take that every other point I made that you didn’t reply to, you admit defeat to? :wink:


How old are you :question:

It is not about to win or lose in a discussion, nor if someone will get defeated :exclamation:

Its about to see the facts and not coming with explanations like …

Just try to see the facts, instead searching wikipedia stuff :exclamation:

TRY to think for your OWN :exclamation:

And you will be free, if you can :exclamation:

Not all you read, doesnt matter if at wikipedia, or internet or books or newspapers is true :exclamation:

There are so many LIES, you even cannot imagine :exclamation:

That does not mean all is a lie and fake, but a lot is :exclamation:



I apologize. I was quite wary about another thing.


Then what else should I refer it to?
Losing? no…
Overtaken? Doesn’t fit…

I mean… there’s nothing else to put

Yes I read it. I understand how there are many types of Radiation and the ones in microwaves and xrays are “wave” radiation while the ones in space (a completely different environment) has radiation consisting of charged protons and electrons which don’t effect too much if you don’t stay in there to long. Same goes for Microwaves and X rays… a few hours are FINE.


READ please…
and watch:


Then wtf did you read these froms that are trustworthy in your opinion? Are you an astronomist and chemist who had access to space and NASA’s findings? I highly doubt that.

Yes, I have said that many lie. There’s no doubt. But to give the benefit of the doubt is to have an opened mind.


Sorry, but if you discuss here with me about facts and your views about if they were on the moon or not, with the target to WIN the discussion, or to have the feeling you “defeated” someone, than I need to say, sorry, no need to discuss with you about any further, thats just childish :exclamation:


If you can let aside this thinking “the discussion is who will win”, we can discuss point by point, but we need to finsih one point before starting the next and next and next (finish means we both agree all is CLEARED, not who won :stuck_out_tongue:) , because as yourself can read now here, many never answered directly to the open questions, as yourself did also :exclamation:

You want or not :question:

Point for point :interrobang:



So… you’re saying that in a “debate” there should be no winner nor loser? It’s a fair idea but if you learnt it during your schooling period, you should know that there HAS to be an overall overcoming side of the debate.

In a courtroom… is the “debate” that is going on, just a discussion? the how does the criminal be judged if the judge is not allowed to choose the person who is overally more correct?

Yes. Let us begin with the point of: What should you call it when someone does not have anything else to rebut with to the opposing sides point?


Than it seems we agreed on some facts, so we both could agree that we both believe that this fact/point is the truth :exclamation:
(still doesnt mean it is, but we both can believe it is)

If you meant the one who have no other argument to bring anymore for the same point, lost, than I need to say, no, again the discussion is not about who win the discussion, it is about to see facts and to agree with the other, even if you do not like it :exclamation:


Example :

A soccer ball is round :exclamation:

Yes or No, no if we go into details, it is not 100% round, depends on how it is build, but we can say, it is round, if we let beside the details :exclamation:


Yes. Good decision. Let us call it a neutral tone of “agreeing”. :smiley:


yes okay and this stuff we all have different thoughts so in bestplayers and other peoples mind it no in other peoples mind its yes so it will be impossible to find the right answer thats my thinking.


Yes. That’s the definition of “opinion” and “perpective”

Thank you Brennan :heart:

Such a young and pure mind


So my first point / question is …

How the sun from an original picture from Nasa, claimed taken on the moon, has 2 rings if you darken the picture :question:

I did it myself and saw it myself at my computer screen :exclamation:

Question :

How that is to explain :question:

(and @dankmementos started talking about camera effects, NO, I do not talk about camera effects, I talk about the “sun” :exclamation: )