Do you think America landed on the moon?


I think you do not understand how it worked:
The LEM did not land back on earth. It crashed into the ocean as planned.


You have no proof about the challenger being faked EXCEPT for those “factual” pictures.

Asian man, top left, looks nothing like the challenger crew man. For starters, look at the ear. The actual crewmember has an outward facing ear, while the other dude has backward slanting ears. They also have completely different hairtypes. Notice the flowing but short, very back on the forehead hair characteristics of the crew member. Meanwhile, the other man has hair more down on his head, a split, and different flow.

GIrl next to Asian man: The older lady counterpart has different hair color, for starters. Additionally, she does not have curls like the challenger member does. Their entire head shape is different too:The challenger astronaut has a more pointed heat. The lips is also different: The challenger lady has a cleft lip while the other person has a straight lip.

The list goes on. Look at the black man: There is no similarity at all!


The asian man in the picture is actually the brother of the man who died in the challenger…


Please, I mean the archive, HOW Nasa lost all …

  • data

  • original footage

  • technology

… a giant authority with 600 BILLION budget, should be able to safe their data, every factories in Austria has a safer and better archive to safe all of their history (as said even my aunt with a few hundred $) :exclamation:

Ok now somthing general …

  • if there are 2 point in question … ok

  • if there are 10 points in question … ok

… but about the moonlanding there are now so so so many point in question …

Why they (Nasa) never ever presented a REAL picture the last 40 years from the LEMs on the moon :question::question::question:


The data is not lost- it is old and deteriotaed (60’s fottage not organized wel)

And there are still numerous photos and videos of the landing that exist



I am talking about the landing on the MOON :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:

They tested it on EARTH (where else they should have tested it) :question:


That is NOT …



Where did you get 600 billion from? Nasas budget was a bit over 4 billion…


Are you blind :question:

They are defenetly the same persons, just 20-30 years older :exclamation:



Your only rationel is asking me if I am blind, which I am clearly not. I went into detail about all their differences. I clearly win this portion.


Also, where did you get the fact of 0 succesfull landings? Yes, it had problems, but it only delayed testing by 10 months.


All I see is you avoiding to give CLEAR answers …

  • lets do a Q/A about … let me start, and give me clear direct answers please …

First question …

WHY NASA was / is not able to show 1 single picture from the …

  • many LEMs (Lunar Excursion Module) on the moon :question:

if you reseached 1/10 of the time as I did, you should know that

… all they presented in +40 years are pictures with DOTs on it, claiming that WOULD be the LEMs (Lunar Excursion Module) :exclamation:


Please reword this? Perhaps it was your translator but it did not come out very clearly.


Which part you do not understand :question:

Or would be the answer to obvious that all is fake :interrobang:



I did not understand ANY of it. Dont try to draw conclusions from your shitty english.


Listen little boy, my english is fine, for a no native english speaker, I am sure your japanese or german isn’t half so good as my english :exclamation:

So if you have issues with this theme, no need to starting insulting others :exclamation:




Are you kidding me? I was completely polite about it first, and you responded with a refusal to help me understand. If you dont want to debate, just say it.


Which part you do not understand :question:

And that …

… is NOT …



Thats not polite either.

WHich part did I not understand?



If you are not able to understand this clear question, it make no sense to discuss with you about such things like the moon landing, because it takes at least a certain level of intelligence to understand things about the presented facts :exclamation:

Sorry :exclamation:



Omg! Yeet.