Do you think America landed on the moon?


Are you implying that there are no satellites in orbit?

Please don’t.


Oh no :man_facepalming:

I thought you were one of the intelligent people around here.

On a serious note, I’d love to hear your explanation of Google Earth.

Also, anyone can observe the ISS in space with a consumer grade telescope, or even the naked eye at any place at particular times.

Or is that CGI too? Maybe transmitted directly to peoples eyes via some secret Freemason tech.

I hope you have your tinfoil hat on!


You know what?
They landed to moon to research and see how is it going on.
They don’t want to land there anymore cause they need to save money from Mars,plus there’s nothing to do here.
Now they are going to do some Mars adventures.
And there are no dead animals on that planet…not even there is some oxygen in there…and if there is,they should be underground dead.

Boom,i might explained something wrong but i hope that i was right.


Hey bro, feel free to believe what you want to believe

  • If you want to believe a mouse is a rock, go ahead
  • If you want to believe we can get to the moon with less technology than a Commodore 64, feel free
  • And if you want to believe this hologram is the ISS, whatever floats your boat

And as far as Google Earth, that’s easy… high altitude planes


Best one yet :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I choose to believe that you’re just trolling now. Taking you seriously would make me lose faith in the future of humanity.


If your faith is in the future of humanity, then it’s in the wrong place my friend :grinning:… but that’s a whole other discussion :grinning:

No worries though bro… I have no issues with you… like I said, believe whatever you want


What if a damn Buddhist was asked to swear on the Bible?? EH??? HUH?? WHAT WILL THEY DO?? EH??


What if they faked the moon landing on mars?


Piss off, spam




Okay, I have done a little bit of research during my life and I see this in both sides of the conspiracy:

Did not go to the moon: Reason for? Propaganda to scare the Germans during World War II.

Did go to the moon: Reason for? For scientific advancements and learning.

Now, The reason I believe that they DID go to the moon is that why would they continue to lie and push forward the propaganda when the war ended a long time ago? Like, spill the beans and just continue what they’re doing with Mars or whatever. So there is no ethical reason for NASA to lie about it which could lead to the possibility that they DID go to the moon and certainly would not need to lie about not going to it. Follow me?

Now, about the fact that the man won’t swear on the Bible. Does one man who has his own beliefs be forced to swear on the Bible in a public area where jurisdiction does not legally require him to do so? Like, it’s a rule to do so in the court where everything was built from the truth of God etc but in public areas where some people are atheist, buddhist, muslim or whatever, there is no need for it. The man “Bart” was acting in an unmannered way which he also bribed the man with $5000 to swear on the Bible.

That rock with the “C” can EASILY, EASILY be a natural occurrence.

I can go to my vege garden and find a patch of marks that would look like a tiger if I believed in it.

Doesn’t mean that it’s an actual tiger drawn on there by some weirdo.

The Crosshairs on the picture where it’s BEHIND the structures? PFFFT - Why would they manually add crosshairs to the stage WHEN THE CAMERA IS TAKING THE PHOTO ANYWAY

The reason for this conspiracy was probably some sore assed German who was angry about the war decided to accuse America about it and found some coincidental images and videos to justify his actions.

I can just as easily go out and accuse my dog of eating my homework to my teacher using some images and videos and compelling dialogue.

Debate is now in session. Please feel free to ask me why or what did what and why and I will try to debunk them.

This is all for debating and I do not want to leave a bad image between anyone I may have to refute. Thank you.


Armstrong was A deist, so he did not believe in a god of religion. So yes, very correct.
@cousin_joe list out your proofs for why the moon landing was fake. Im going to write a reply when I have time(it will be long)


Sounds like a fun thing to do XD


But where is your facts/proof? This argument here is practically based on opinion.


Maybe the most compelling reason to see that ‘mouse’ as a rock, is because why the fook would NASA use that image if there was indeed a mouse there. Remember, these are rocket scientists we’re dealing with.


America has landed on the moon?

my answer is yes

animal on the moon ?

yes, but not animal for example bacteria

Martians on the moon ?


if you find moonstone, you will hit a lot of money


Where’s the source material? Is this from the official NASA statement and files? If so, please link it. Only first hand data may be viable in this cause.


This thread is just as entertaining as the previous one.


Stay tuned… I almost forgot to debate the previous post about the moon landing

Why am i doing this


Everyone, please examine the “rat”. Its clearly not a rat.
Notice the front “leg”. It front and top clearly merges with the body. This does not make sense. Only the socket part and surrounding skin of a leg is attached to the body. That is a rock that looks like an animal.