Do you think America landed on the moon?


Temperature does not work as you seem to think?

If I were to place an object into water measuring 380 degrees, that object does not heat up because its “hotter” around it. The atoms are 380 degrees, and upon TOUCHING that object, will transfer energy too it until the thermal energy levels up. Heat is just the transfer of energy, its not some magic fire element.

So, in the thermosphere, yes, it does measure 2500 degrees. Thats the measure of the atoms. However, the atoms are spread verrry far apart. Thus, less atoms touch the spaceship less quickly, transferring less thermal energy to the craft. Additionally, its coated in the matieral that Dank talked about, that reflects atoms and mimeses that amount of thermal energy that the atom can transfer to the ship. Heat doesnt just generate more heat. Heat needs to be spread, in the form of energy. Energy is not made, it is transferred from one form to another. Understood?

And please dont reply to this by re-stating about the temperature that metal melts. I already explained why its not melting. If you are going to reply, give me some science.


Can you prove that? Because I’ve seen many satellites and you can easily find them in museums and galleries that explain how they work and function. Even the famous French museum The Louvre has a satellite section.

I call this… a satellite.


same i see them to i saw one going over kauai


Hey! How did you edit my post?!? :grinning: I’m pretty sure you didn’t write the line about convection and conduction earlier

Regardless, I see where you two are missing the point here…

As you seem to have corrected yourself, there are 3 methods of Heat Transfer:

  • Conduction - heat transmitted through contact with neighbouring molecules
  • Convection - heat transmitted through transporting groups of molecules within a substance (like water or air)
  • Radiation - heat transmitted WITHOUT the involvement of a PHYSICAL substance in the transmission. RADIATION CAN TRANSMIT HEAT IN A VACCUUM

You guys keep referring to the air molecules being sparse but don’t quite realize the solar radiation does NOT depend on the molecules to transmit heat


But you see, thats where Nasa’s coating comes in. It reflects back waves. Understood? I thought that was already a given that you acknowledged. Or is this coating fake for some reason?


The MLI coating is extremelly effective.

Now, on to the second reason the craft can withstand the temperatures- sure, the solar radiation can heat a single niteogen molecule to 2500 degrees- but it sure cannot heat up a heavy metal object to that temperatures- refer to my analogy with boiling water-


if y’all say no y’all fake asf lol


If that WOULD be correct … how the Heat from the sun can reach the Earth :question:

I am curious about your answer :bangbang:



Noticing a few mistakes in this discussion on all ends, but essentially if the heat from the sun did reach the earth, we’d all be dead wouldn’t we now? The sun is hot enough to melt this planet many times over.

It’s mostly radiation that reaches the earth, also what you observe (light and all that :slight_smile: It’s radiation), it hits gasses and of course the surface of the earth warming it up cozily.

Spaceships survive this by complicated layers of technology that essentially attempt to radiate this energy out, opposed to absorbing it themselves.

I honestly wouldn’t know about the tech, but there’s books written on it. Interesting stuff!

Also I have no idea why anyone would doubt sattelites, honestly, go to Swiss some times. From there you can see them occasionally. Figure out the distance and how fast they must be moving for that to be visible from Earth. :slight_smile:

Also as a programmer, we’d have called bull on NASA a long time ago if Sats werent a thing. I mean, we kind of interface with them to figure out locations… A lot of us are keenly aware of how they work and how to figure out where they are at the moment… If you’ve ever had an old Tom Tom (iirc?), they actually used to have a neat visualization of it :slight_smile:




Honestly as much as I doubt the possibility to fake it with this many people involved, I don’t think this ones true.

All you really need is a black room, some rope and some eerie lighting.

Even back then they could also do extremely basic image manipulation, for the record.


I don’t have good history, but how can they go to the moon but not be able to do basic editing?


Keep in mind, convection is not the only way for heat to get across. There is also Radiation, the moving of thermal energy through a vacuum in the form of waves. They make up the majority of heat in space. These waves are very hot, but because they are waves, they are reflect-able. Satellites are coated with what I talked about Earlier, that is designed to reflect these waves, causing them to transfer minimal heat. As for the earth part, the waves reach the atmosphere. The atmosphere reflects enough of them so that they are not harmful, but enough get in that we are safe and alive.


Alright I am going to back out of this debate now- I have debunked most of the points given with evidence- but are all of us really foolish enough to think that we can change each others minds over the internet?


This isn’t a space meme but meh.


How 'bout dis?