Do you think America landed on the moon?


Im also gonna pull out of this debate, because

  1. All you deniers have to do is pull out new reasons, that we have to disprove. After a while you will come out with a Russels Teapot, and I dont want to waste my time.
  2. Im not passionate enough for this subject.


Cousin joe- about your Allen belt thing.

It had been probed before the Apollo missions- so we knew about the layout of the Van Allen belt.

While there are very dense areas, full of super charged subatomic particles (this would kill you)
There are very large swaths of the Van Allen belt that actually are not that dense- while you would not want to pass through it for super long periods of time (weeks) these less dense areas only give you as much radiation as a CTE scan- so not lethal.

In the Orion mission they are not simply shooting through the Van Allen belt- they cant simply rocket through a less dense area. Instead, to make it to mars, they have to use the Earths immense gravity to slingshot them to mars- (with fuel and thrust to help of course)

In order to use the Earth as a slingshot- they have to orbit around it while in the Van Allen belt. Therefore, they are bound to encounter patches of the Van Allen belt that are very dense- not good for our astronaut friends.
So that is why they are now working on a way to shield astronauts from the radiation.

@bestplayerintheworld @cousin_joe does this clear up anything for you?


The problem is your getting your info from wikipedia and google translate. Have you ever heard of something called censorship? Trust me, it’s really bad these days

That was my point

Ok… so you’re saying we should just accept it and tell everyone else to do so as well? Listen to what you’re writing man…

You get offended if people call you sheep (or sheeple :smiley:) but what other word would you give for that type of behaviour?

If it’s so obvious, don’t just state that it is so… find out what it is (if it exists) and explain it. Is it like the new vehicle anti-collision systems they have on cars now… kinda useless if they’re whizzing towards each other at 22,000mph

I posted a video with the exact alloys and the exact melting points. It would melt.

I don’t watch too much TV these days. Too much brainwashing going on.


It would not melt in the thermosphere! I believe I have explained this with proof 100 times


No you haven’t

You told me about the gas particles being less dense

The gas particles don’t cause the heat

The solar radiation does


It is coated with material called MLI that reflects solar radiation quite effectively- it has been tested on earth too, so no space fakes.

Becuase there is no conduction and convection heating, solar radiation is the only way to heat things up- so the MLI helps with that

And the real, major reason it does not make it to 2500 degrees- you see, the very scarce nitrogen atoms, and oxygen atoms are very easy to heat up. Bringing their temperature up to 2500 degrees is not hard for the solar radiation- it is only 1 molecule!!

However, for the large satellites made of metal- solar radiation can not heat it up as much. Imagine this- boil 1/2 a cup of water.

Now boil 4 gallons of water- takes much longer, doesn’t it?
Now coat the pan with special multilayered heat shields that block most of the heat- the water might not even boil.


And you trust YouTube? And other websites? I doubt you created that image yourself and that you studied in ancient Hebrew.

I know, I need to look it up when I have time

What if the conspiracy theories you’re reading about are lies? Wouldn’t that make you a sheep as well?

Will do

@dankmementos got this one

It doesn’t matter whether you watch or not, it’s the fact that that’s how satellites deliver the images.


Ignore the gases, they are irrelevant to this subject

The shuttle is metal, and since metal is a solid,the particles are densely packed

The solar radiation is heat. This heat (directly from the sun, NOT the gases around the shuttle) impart kinetic energy into the molecules of the ship

The increased kinetic energy breaks up the bonds and liquefies the ship

Even NASA themselves admit this in their question and answer session at question 3:

  • Heat travels through a vacuum by infrared radiation. The Sun (and anything warm) is constantly emitting infrared, and the Earth absorbs it and turns the energy into atomic and molecular motion, or heat.

In other words, the heat is coming directly from the sun and has nothing to do with the gases around the ship


Read my post!!!

The reason the thermosphere is 2500 degrees is because the molecules are very scarce- it is not like the sun is any hotter!!!


Lemme ask you this…

Temperature up there reads 2500 degrees Celsius

Let’s just say we had the ability to teleport you there instantly (just like a SuperMech)…

Would you trust the fact that molecules are sparse to protect you from being vaporized instantly?

Yes or no?


If I were in the thermosphere… I would not be hot.

I would in fact feel very cold for a decent period of time. Because there are so few gas molecules, it is actually near vacuum. Convection and conduction does not happen. Of course, radiation would eventually kick in- but I certainly would not be vaporized.


All I can say is wow


Dont take my word for it- this has been proven


And if satellites dont exist, how do you explain the new horizons video of pluto, “CGI?”


Sorry, photos, not videos. Typing error


Satellites don’t exist as you know them, whizzing around the earth in orbit at 22,000mph… but there are high altitude objects that can carry out various functions


Here’s a question… Space is a vaccum, correct?
How can a vaccum exist right next to an atmosphere? Please explain.


There is no air resistence in space- no matter what the speed there is no strain on the the object


Near vacuum- read please.
It is a near vacuum because there are so few molecules- since the thermosphere is very close to space.


Im not sure you know how transfer of thermal energy works.