Do you think America landed on the moon?


“I so no”
Lmao I guess Yeet was right.


if you want to discuss about, feel free to do so, we are right now to discuss point 1, about the picutres of the sun …

… but please only because you say “he” is right, doesn’t make it right :rofl:



Image result for light funnel

A with out extension
B with the extension
i found the logic to what you are saying

the light spreads out with out the extension


Lmfao I think that you ignored Yeets and Dankys post again.
Scroll up for more awnsers for yours.


@Winz_Kay so what now :question:

You can agree that the sunbeams start at your green circle at your picture (the coloured one taken on earth) :question:

You can agree that the sunbeams start at your blue circle at my picture (the black and white picture taken on the “moon”) :question:


Any other who can see it as clear as I do :question:


Nice job bren.
Soo I see you’re getting smart alitle?


I didn’t saw or read one clear explanation for all open questions :exclamation:

Thats why @Winz_Kay and me try now to discuss point by point, to see the facts about and if we can agree on some points, it is not about who wins or who is right, just to find a consense, so we can believe in a thing, where we agree :exclamation:



Soo what?
Yeet and Danky didn’t do nothing for you?
That’s just sad that you ignored it.


Only “sad” I see and know is you :exclamation:



Lmao some slicy joke indeed.
Drink some tears darling.
And maybe use your fact books next time perhaps?


No Hitler did, didn’t he?


@bestplayerintheworld I will have to continue another time, I have to go and am busy

Nice discussion. No need to worry about any hatred form other people :wink:


If V2 rocket can go to moon lol.


All this moon and space talk is making me wonder if humans will ever reach this level of technology:


Maybe Yeet has not, but I have been civil I believe…


I lookef at the websote. Please supply actual evidence instead of telling me i am a parrot.


I’m quoting this post because it gets down to the crux of the matter

There is more than enough evidence to put serious doubt into NASAs claims of landing a man on the moon

But the problem is…

A bunch of you are out here trying to win an argument… and that’s not what it’s about

It’s about a search for truth

In this search, you have to be willing to unlearn what you have learned

Because what you’ve “learned”, might not have been correct in the first place

If trying to win an argument, you will only hold on to things that support your unchanging view, and ignore truth that is staring you right in the face

In other words, you’ve gone into this debate with your mind already made up and ignoring clear evidence that points to the opposite

Speaking of true facts, the Van Allen Radiation Belt should kill you…

Original Article here (from Scientific American 1958)


  • going through radiation belt exposes you to between 10 -100 Roentgens/hour (measured by probes)
  • 10 roentgens per hour for 2 days gives you 50% chance of survival
  • It takes 6 hrs to traverse the 1st zone, and even longer for the 2nd (minimum 120 roentgens plus)

And another article from Spaceworld1961



Summary: Traversing the Van Allen Radiation Belts IS Lethal

Unless you just forgot you went through… :roll_eyes:


Your post:

My post:

Yours states that they need 2 days for it to be effective while it only takes a couple hours to get past the Van Allen Belts. That is why it’s barely even dangerous.

Even if the 6 hours + that you state is true, it wouldn’t have an extremely potent effect. It’s easily enough to endure for the sake of the mission.


The entire Allen Belt conspiracy is based off a mis-understanding of one video. They see a NASA engineer say that they are working on their mars spacecraft so that it can withstand the allen belt. People then assume that because they need to work on ways to get throught it now, that the Moon landing never happened because they could not get throught the allen belt. However, what they forgot is:
On the moon mission, they used rocket fuel for most of the propulsion to the moon. Thus, they were only exposed to the allen belt for a short period of time.
For the mars mission, the spacecraft is using the momentum of earths gravity to propel itself to mars, like a slingshot. To do this, it must orbit earth, right inside the allen belt. Thats why they need to find ways to resist it.
@cousin_joe does this clear things up?


People seriously still ask this?

OK let’s make it simple.

Tell a secret to 1 person, ask them to keep it. Easy.

Tell it to 5 people, hard.

Now try a few thousand people. If you manage to get the secret kept then, congratulations, you’ve proven NASA could have faked it.

Simple truth is, they had the technology (one of the most brilliant rocket scientists that has ever lived on this world) and the budget. You have a bunch of people claiming it happened. And not a single one of them has come out claiming it was a lie.

Problem solved, can we please stop disrespecting the brilliant people who made it happen? The USA treated most of them pretty poorly, taking their budget, cancelling their plans (mars — their main hope) and getting rid of most of them after they succeeded.

It’s actually pretty heartbreaking…

So let’s not rub salt into the wound and show them some love. :slight_smile: