Do you think America landed on the moon?

They have completed their research and sending more missions there would just be a waste of money.

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What is this about how the light in the pictures of the moon landing isn’t parrell like it should be and that’s proof that it’s fake. Can you refute this?

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Why wouldn’t armstrong swear on the bible he even punched someone in the face over this.

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Elaborate on this. Do you mean that the shadows projected from the rocks are crooked? Some people believe that means it was in a studio… when in reality it is just because of uneven terrain. The shadows are not all parallel because of the many small cervices, bumps, and uneven terrain areas on the lunar surface. I have seen this tested on a miniature version of a moon-like terrain.

Neil Armstrong never did actually punch anyone in the face.
That was Buzz Aldrin- who punched moon landing denial Bart Sibriel- who had harrased Buzz and other astronaut involved in the moon landings multiple times. In the events leading up to Buzz punching Bart, Buzz was arriving at a hotel with his daughter when Bart approached him and started asking him to swear on the bible. Eventually, Bart began calling Buzz a “liar” and a “coward” and continued to harass him- leading 72 year old Buzz Aldrin to throw a punch.

Here some facts …

For all who think they were on the moon, please answer these simple questions …

  • why NASA lost “all” data (original footage, technical data, technology from ALL Apollo missions) :x:

  • how they were able to travel through the deadly Van Allen Belts (they need to cross them 2 times - to the moon and back), when the technology for - new build - is right now under construction and confirmed by actual astronauts :x:

  • why they “faked” the sight of the Earth in close to the Earth orbit at the Apollo11 flight “to” the moon, when they claimed to be half way to the moon :x:

  • why the sun has 2 rings if you darken an original photo from the sun made on the moon from NASA :x:

  • how you can see the horizon before AND behind you when you are standing an a huge (:exclamation:) round globe :x:

These 2 points I could clear after researching about …

  • bright site from objects in shadows = possible :white_check_mark:

cos of the surface reflection

  • flag “waving” without atmosphere = possible :white_check_mark:

after moving the flag it waves even more than with atmosphere

But what about the 5 questions above :question::question::question:

Nasa self : “We lost all data and technology!” HOW and WHY :question:
There were no fire at their archive or any other big accident … try to find :exclamation:



Why wouldn’t he swear on the bible, if he knew that he had been to the moon couldn’t he have just sworn and just ended the harassment?

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Oh, thanks for clearing this up.


Can you elaborate on this?


Besty is Correct on all points :grinning: :white_check_mark:

I’ll elaborate more later, but here’s a quickie… NASA (which actually means to deceive in Hebrew - notice the serpent tongue:
was created during Operation Paperclip when German Scientists were brought to America, after all they were propaganda specialists)

After they realized they could no longer hoax the public as easily, they staged the Challenger disaster in 1986… which itself was another hoax:

The crew is all alive and well (except the old guy) and under aliases and in some cases their original name:

Come on guys, simple magic trick 101… Make them appear in one place when they are in another:

“YUP!! They’re definitely inside the shuttle in this picture. There’s ABSOLUTELY NO WAY they can be in a studio after we saw them board the shuttle!” (sarcasm intended :roll_eyes:)

This was their rationale for stopping manned flights. So now it’s been over 32 years since any manned flights to the moon… does that even make sense?!?

Come on People… Being Deceived is like Being Asleep. You never know until you Wake Up!

Elaborate on this


And here’s the Neil Armstrong video…

And here’s a couple clips of the 1st interview after the landing. Remember, Armstrong is the poster boy, while Aldrin and Collins are hardcore operatives pushing the lie. Anyone that’s played poker can see through all of these liars…

These guys should be the happiest, most excited people ever… yet they’re either super nervous (eg. Armstrong, who has extreme difficulty lying), or ‘acting’ the complete opposite (eg. Aldrin, typical poker bluff tactic - act strong when you’re weak)


Before …

astronauts Apollo11 - 2

After …

astronauts Apollo11 - 3

… when pictures say more than 1000 words :exclamation:


If you watch the whole press-conference, Collins did a mistake explaining “we never saw any stars from the moon”, BUT he NEVER was on the moon officially, he fly around 2 times at that mission :exclamation:

Watch Armstrong’s reaction to that statement from Collins right 1 second later :exclamation:


Yes… it’s the 2nd video link… Collins tries to “correct” him when he wasn’t even there!

Besides… IF, the moon could be landed on, and has no atmosphere as they say, then the stars should be Overwhelmingly Bright!!!

The Rabbit Hole does go deeper… but in terms of the moon landing…

What?!? No Impact Crater?!? Seems like it was just placed there… like it would be in a studio :roll_eyes:

Speaking of studios… what’s that reflection on his helmet? Wait!?! Is that a studio light?!?


Hmmm, no stars?!? Really?!?


This is from moon landing footage. It’s been dubbed the “C” rock. NASA says it was a naturally occurring phenomenon. Looks like a studio prop to me. :roll_eyes:

Speaking of Moon Landing Footage, most of it was done by Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest film directors of all time. I encourage doing a lot of research into this, because Kubrick felt guilty. Just watch the movie The Shining and it’s laden with tons of clues about what he did…

Clues in The Shining Video
Clues in The Shining Webpage
Another 237 Video
Tracking Shots

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oh no not again this is crazy


Wow! Drop a TRUTH BOMB and this place goes quiet… :grimacing:

It’s funny when people say you’re either crazy or a conspiracy theorist… they can’t address what you’re saying, so then they attack the person

This is called “Cognitive Dissonance,” where their brain can’t or won’t process the truth, so they choose to dismiss it, or at least not assimilate it.

This would be the logical equivalent of…

I encourage everyone… be open to the Truth, no matter where it takes you, seek and ye shall find

:grinning: Have a nice day! :grinning:

I’m not attacking you I’m on the fence in this argument I’ve always been a firm believer on us going to the moon. But all of this evidence seems to say that we’ve faked the moon landing.


I wasn’t referring to you Swift… you’re taking an open approach which is awesome! :grinning:

Here’s some more research for you:

Former NASA employee: Photo or Painting?
NASA admits they can’t get past the Van Allen Radiation Belts
Blue Marble NASA: “It is photoshopped, but it has to be!”
ISS Hoax

Jesus fucking christ

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Lmao it makes perfect sense. I thought you were smart, man. They have no reasons to go to the moon any longer. Mars is the goal.