Do you think America landed on the moon?

The purpose of this topic is to see if more people believe we’ve been to the moon or if more people think we haven’t

  • Yes, we’ve been to the moon
  • No, it’s all fake

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It’s strange.
Why won’t they send people there anymore?

This is just preventing progress of humanity’s resources…


If they done it… why so many years they cant make normal space shutle? If they make it they should have technology for it…


Well, NASA says they don’t have that technology anymore, 'cause they destroyed it.-Heard this in some video.


You do realise people can easily make things up on the internet?
I’m not mad. Just wanted to point things out.

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Man that NASA, how they lost a techonoly?! Just how? You want say its so realitic just lost all parts for rocket/shutle in one moment? So many times they said problrm in engines/system and etc, but they have their own engine which work in apallo-11 ,but not use it… i isnt rlly now thay my opinion only… but some facts say that isnt true

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All of this if false… the space shuttle program ended for reasons including- they needed to fund other projects, and could not spend money on the space shuttle program which was no longer beneficial- and as well as safety concerns from astronauts who had died in previous missions.

And Nasa has not “lost” the technology. They are capable of making new space shuttles, requring lots of funding, of course. However, at the moment, NASA is balancing limited funding with building the “orion” project for travel to mars…

Give me evidence about the moon landing being faked and I bet I can refute it…


Because we don’t need anything from the moon anymore Lol, it’s just rocks and dirt.

There are no resources in the moon Lol

Simple as that.

You guys are just too much on the CONSPIRANCY THEORY side, honestly, shut up.


They’re just saving money for Mars to be fair.


That also.

Elon Musk rules.


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I’m probably moving this to SPAM if someone from the ANTI-CONSPIRANCY THEORY team starts blaberring too much here.

It’s an useless topic anyway.

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