Do You Still Believe They Went to the Moon?

??? learned what.

Ur larged words

What this


Now pls we need to stfu becus mom will spank

Yeah, you really should stop

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Ok soo lets who started this.

Nah just go up and see it.

I just explained nicely is that a telescope.

Second of all all this thing rude or somethin i said is a joke.

Pls rethink wat ur doing ty.

Looks like SM mess up people’s brains :laughing: :exclamation:

Such nonsense :exclamation:




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I guess this is what happens when you play SM for days farming “Medals” :medal_military: and one day decide to come out of your house :laughing: :exclamation:

You are so obsessed with yourself , you feel every achievement others get are fake… Same thing you do with other players on this forum :exclamation: calling them cheaters


Everything ok with you :question:

A personal attack again :exclamation:

Take your hate and hate yourself :exclamation:


First of all…you can’t hate yourself.
Second, he is fine.

Now can we just please research about Lun?

If you can’t Dev’s will close this.

Much apreseaded

Btw if it is jk.Then ok

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Whos mom?

yes, they are successful pose on the moon , I know that

there is meteorite rain on the moon
the metal 10 times lighter than the earth
many other too
but communication cut off 11 min?

astronauts Apollo11 - 1

They canceled rover…to lunar…

I heard it from the news

Before …

After …

… when pictures say more than 1000 words :exclamation:


Bruh this after pic is old 20 years let me bring you a new one
Ur welcome

Btw the picture is about Satrun V…of yours

I hate myself.

There, I have proven that people can hate themselves.

That’s all lol.


You can but not in real way…

And jesus this is geting off topic can we fuqing stop?

You really need to inform yourself a lot better, before starting a discussion …

2018 … now

1969 … Apollo11 - the coloured picture is after the lunar landing - pressconference - not directly after, so they were not tiered, all regenerated totally

2018 - 1969 = 49 years :exclamation:

Important about the Before and After pictures is their body language :exclamation:


P.S.: no clue what your picture should show :question: