Do You Still Believe They Went to the Moon?

Funny video, if you know the truth :exclamation:


Open for discussion now …


I believe they went to the moon.
Then saw an alien and had a Battledawn-styled war there.

Humanity lost so nobody goes to the moon anymore.


How did humans spy? As they will be caught easily

yes they went to the helveds moon

Well, this made me chuckle.

People still don’t realize that it actually costs more to replicate the landing than put a man on the moon?

Well, here’s how.

If you would use forensics to look closely at moon photos, you can see that the light source is parallel sun rays with no diffusion. Without forensics, you can observe that the shadows of objects are parallel. Coincidence?

If you try to recreate with studio lighting, the shadows will diverge. The only way to get something CLOSE to that in that time period would be to build a wall of millions of lasers packed extremely tightly together. Those lasers cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, now multiply that by 1 million and see what you get :wink:

Additionally, all the lasers that were available were red, and would make the color photos impossible to shoot from a studio.

Additionally, devices called retroreflectors were planted on the moon by the first astronauts who went there, an when a laboratory fires a laser at their location, it shoots right back.

I’m sorry but these are the facts.


They are probably researching more about lun (Moon) so yeh.

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Did you heard about SpaceX?
They will go to Mars!
at 2024 i think

Nasa test “field” …
(no joke)

… you can see the huge searchlight for war (military stuff) in the background :question:

“I’m sorry but these are the facts.”

Isn’t that telescope?

Idiototic logic

And earth is flat, stay in supermechs with your medals


In sm the Earth is not flat.
But the real world is!

And shadows can’t talk

They cant.

But they can WISPER

Btw potato bear does not talk tho lol

They do not talk but write


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Please no flat-earth-thingy … a joke ok, but that’s it :exclamation:

I want to talk about FACTs :exclamation:

Original Nasa picture, which should show sun from sight of the moon …

… Every photographer knows the trick of being able to overexpose or underexpose photos. Meanwhile, every user can do this with a simple graphics program. Back then, at the time of the Apollo program, not everyone could do that, just photographers. If you now dimming the photo with the sun, you quickly come to the secret on the wreck that hides behind the supposed sun, only an anti-flak headlights. Like in a NASA gym … see picture above :exclamation:


That’s just a bad photo


@Kn0Tn0YT i just learend your old stuff


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