Do you prefer eating or drinking?

So I have a random question for all of you.
Do you prefer drinking over eating or reverse?

Personally I like to drink more than I eat. I take about 7-11 glasses of water everyday.

  • I prefer drinking
  • I prefer eating

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I like drink water or milk because I feel like eating makes people fat I would like it but ran out of likes

I eat boneless ice


I drinking food

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drinking alcohol is obviously the god tier shit, but I dont understand why people too young to drink drink would preffer drinking.

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Having headaches on the next day is great too

I perfer eating the SPAGETT

I don’t really like alcohol.
I mean yeah,I drink every once in a while but not that often.
I prefer to smoke but that’s not an option.
I guess I’ll choose eating as I also eat a lot of sweets.

Uhm i did once…

My brain fall out

I can drink as much as you gimme but I don’t really like the taste of alcoholic drinks (except for champagne)…


I dont have drinks…


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I like ramen a lot :slight_smile:

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Brb i need to unistall google chrome yeah?
I am back lol

@L4K3 alco is not supposed to taste good

drink chicken my lads

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No…i rather eat my spagett

Idk,I don’t like it.
Champagne does it all but beer,wine,vodka,wiskey etc no,not for me.
I want something that actually has a taste,not just for the nag of getting drunk.
And I don’t like getting drunk either,I find no fun in it;I’d rather keep my head on my shoulders.

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Drinking vodka will make you say cyka blyat

My dudes, when I said drinking, I meant regular water, not alcohol.


Alcohol is a food