Do you ever get that feeling

Do you ever get that feeling where you put so much effort and time into making someone happy and trying to please them but they just blatantly ignore you despite saying a thousand times that they’d meet up with you, etc… So you’re just kinda there, sobbing internally but fuming externally… You ever get that?


Yeah, and it happens a lot to me. Sometimes I’m even explaining something quite important, and my friends still keep talking with my other friends.

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That means they’re not worth and have to be replaced.It’s better for everyone.

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Every time dude

That’s why I wished I never moved away

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Everyone in my school is kind of like that they are the best kind of friends you can get around here. But my best friend doesn’t do that.


Rather than having 10 “friends”,I’ll always take just one good one.

It’s the same in real life.Just one goof friend,my gf and the rest is just company to me.Nothing more.I started selecting my friends a while ago.

This is me daily…

I’m actually a fake, to be completely honest. Everytime I meet my “friends” I smile. I do everything I can to please them just as long as I have friends. But deep inside, I’m actually an entirely different person.

They ridicule me, I smile.
They ask me to do their homework, I smile and just do it.
They ask for money, I give 'em.

I fear that if I don’t be the nice dude, I’ll have no friends or even worse, these people decide to bully me. I actually don’t like them

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Jeez, I never thought people could have this bad of friends…

Oh yeah, then you should check out my old friends in china. (Yeah, that’s where I’m from). Sometimes they gang up on me and get me in trouble. Once one of them stole my stuff. I got mad, then that person told on me for (bullying) him. Then the teachers called my parents. But that was so long ago and I bet they don’t even remember me now.

my old school was kinda like that except they couldnt take my stuff unless they cought me offgaurd with a group even then they didnt get my stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 3 groups I tend to hang round with… 2 at school and 1 on Xbox… Some of the people in my Xbox group I meet up with every so often… We’re all pretty close…

We’re two different people
Me and my bros always piss around with eachother (play fighting, pissing eachother off, humiliating eachother) but we also have chill ‘bromantic’ times… I would say fun, but whenever we’re together, we’re always enjoying ourselves…
I remember once throwing a caramel latte at my friend only for him to duck and it to hit a member of staff at the cafe…We not allowed there anymore…

I also remember once pretending to my one of my friend’s bf and me, him and another were playing Screencheat (great game) and his mum came in to ask us something so I started flirting with him…

He got pissed at me and asked to have a talk with me… Other guy went outside the room and my man just went ballistic at me saying things like ‘not in front of my mom’ and ‘are you a fricking idiot, you’ll get me killed’…

He then said ‘My mum doesn’t know I’m bi curious yet and I don’t want her to know’…
I was kinda like ‘Wait… What?’
More S**t unfolds
… … …
I jokingly said ‘Why don’t you just kiss me and find out whether you’re more for guys or girls!’
I was joking… He didn’t know I was joking… He kissed me… It unfolded into a deeper kiss… I am now bi… Turned out his other friend was just stood there watching the whole thing…

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