Do you believe Resistance does the Job?


Resistance obviously helps, especially if the enemy uses multiple weaker attacks instead of a single strong attack. (cough cough FALCON cough)

Your thinking is probably caused by Physical weapon’s huge RNG. The RNG is so huge, that it basically became a gamble between victory and defeat.


JamAnime, do the math to find out for yourself if resistance is better than hp. Then, the answer will be quite obvious.


Without resistance you are dead…


i used to be a naysayer to resistance, but it really does the job

if i see another 145 on my next 5 arena battles i might as well do the unthinkable: press the quit button instead of just usually sticking it out


Difference between a rank 4 and a rank 1: Resistance.

I know a lot of good players with great items but can only stay in rank 4 because they don’t have res


I agree with you, BUT - sometimes the resist works, for example, for all my opponents (most of them have boards for resist, not torso with resist). This is with regards to the physical.
With heat everything is different, his work is visible to the naked eye!
energy is more complicated, it either “works” as well as physical, that is, it does not work! Or its effect is invisible due to a problem with energy, it is very difficult to make fur that does not dry out!

In summary: the resist is undoubtedly good. But there are problems with its performance. according to my observations, the physical resist practically does not work!


I have 145 resis on my phy. And I can assure you that it works …!

With respect to energy resistance … in general it works well, since an energy resistance of more than 100 on your mech cancels the effect that your opponent’s energy weapons hit harder when your energy drains. Right, this is so.

However, if your mech has an important energy level, so that your energy opponent can never exhaust it, your opponent’s weapons will hit smoothly and therefore, with a good phys mech, you can defeat it, even if you haven´t energy resistance.


There are 77 resistances on my physical body, and I received damage from a valiant (500+ energy on mech), a hit of about 400 damage.
I generally noticed that all these bugs stick to me))

I’m just tired of creating threads in bugs, asking for technical support, writing moderators in PM - everything is useless, they just ignore!

I recorded a video with a new gun. The maximum possible damage is 416 (355 according to the characteristics + 17% bonus of the arena), but the hit was 422 (in the bot on the roadstead).
Unfortunately it was on the Akka with the base.
And on my main account, I quite often see damage less than the minimum, as I said earlier, developers ignore this error!
oh yes, the most vivid example. on the last day of the raid, I have 145 physical resists, the maximal strike of the bot is 306, and I get a strike of 165-170
so with a resist obvious problems.


Are you sure that 145 is working, not 105 from the resistance board? and the torso simply does not have a resist)) I got the impression. And as you can see on my topic in bugs, on-duty unsubscribe and topic forgotten! no solutions or results, they just ignore me.


For me the 145 resis work well.

I use any of the 2 platinum vest torsos, according to configure the modules for anti-heat or for anti-energy (I change modules continuously). In any of the 2 cases, it´s an anti phys as well.


I am glad that it works for someone)))


Mate, arent you the guy with the broken magma blast? :joy:


its me :grin:




I put a burning shower and magma now did not hit 250-280, the blow was higher, really! this is also very strange.


I have been doing pretty detailed tests on both equiping res, and high draining weapons lately.
I can tell you that resistance is absolutely efficient, very interesting to look into that.


I mean this:

This is an anti-heat (and it goes well vs. phys):

And like this is an anti-energy (and it goes well vs. Phys too):


I will surrender to you as a prisoner without a fight))


In the anti-energy mode, you don´t need energy resis, because with this energy level, you never run out without and your opponent’s weapons hit softly.

The trick is that me, as a player, am an archi known for the goat perk, but my opponent never knows if I have an anti energy or an anti-heat … (The energy sword is also dissuasive …)


Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to install as many HP. And I met energy several times, which was built for damage, not for drainage. he killed me. 1 time out of 4 battles. but the rest 4 were very close, and I remained 5-100 hp