Do you agree that people who have done something very good for the community receive special recognition?

  • Yes
  • No

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everything is circumstantial … that will be given, not vote without knowing the rules


I think… first is the first.

First probe if community wants or not want they receive recognition.

Later we will see what kind of recognition and how.

The idea is ok for the community / forum :exclamation:


But …

  • special game items as reward is in my opinion a no go :exclamation:

Would lead to a disadvantage in game, because not everybody “lives” in the forum or use even the forum, only a small % of all players use the forum as @Mohadib stated.

  • as @Alexander mentioned correct, it would also lead to a kinda even more Clan relevant thing :exclamation:

As you can also see right now the OP mentioned most members of her own clan. And didn’t mention on purpose @Ricemech88, who did really a great job here in the forum …

… and put in a lot of effort and time to help the players :exclamation: She didn’t mention him, because he left her Clan for a better Clan.
So it would be clearly not a neutral voting.

  • it would lead even more to a group building forum, which can be, also like @Alexander mentioned correct (he seems to be an absolut forum profi after all his experience), adding negativity instead of positivity even more as it is anyways right now (which is absolute normal for a battle game forum, if it do not raise !).

So …

  • vote for each other :sparkles:, vote for your friends :dolls:, love each other :heart:

… but not for an advantage in the game :exclamation:


Give a :gift: like a special badge, a special emoji, or anything else forum related :exclamation:


First it´s important to know if communit agree or does not agree that they deserve or don´t deserve.

first is important to know that TS agree or does not agree that they deserve or don’t deserve
don’t you know that TS reserves the right to decide on the game exclusively?


If you want to present an idea, you have to present it complete. You need to know the “what”, the “how” and the “result” that you expect.

This first survey is only a poll to know if the “what” is good or not.

If the “what” is approved by a majority of at least 2/3 (I think that less than that, isn´t worth doing anything), then we will do another survey to determine the “how”, according to all ideas that were presented in the other topic. And finally a third survey to determine the “result” (that is, the type of reward).

Once you have the complete project, present it and wait for decision of TS.

  • (This first poll has deserved a personal reflection, which I will not do now, so as not to condition the vote of anyone).

i think you should do that…

This survey is a double-edged sword, deceptive and biased.

you should know the scope of this votation explaining what is being requested and the scope of it, this survey represents a step to the void.

also knowing those who are promoting only do so for their own benefit, that is, they want to spend the bill for all the time they spend here in the forum spend days and days here, and now for that reason to claim rewards disguised as awards for good deeds. …

when the only objective is to obtain items for your clan. asking for prizes and unique pieces … if you want to get badges ok apply for the badges, but ask for weapons and pieces that affect the game, is charging for a time that nobody asked, and as in the game your clan no longer represents anything.

For months, months ago they believe the forum owners, running over it, and offending all those who do not agree with their proposals. and then the victims are made, now it turns out that they also intend to be the saving heroes of the community.

so in no way seems democratic and adjusted to the principle of equality and honesty of the game …

and she propose members of your clan…

Adhere to and respect the rules of the game, which exist so that there is as much equality as possible. now you intend to violate that.



I think with that vote %, most of us agree that persons who do something extraordinarily good to community should be recognized.

Later then I raise poll that refer to how make the vote, with all options we have in debate and the poll to choose which can be given or done as recognition (also according was discussed in the debate) .

Once we have that, the final project would be finished and we could present it.


rigged survey … 42 people do not represent nor 1% of the participants of the forum, much less the 0.05% of the total of the supermechs players.

It should not even be called a survey. since it does not cover the minimum parameters required to be considered as such.

also does not represent the will of anyone

a poll that gets 42 total votes with an acceptance of 62% represents what some 24 to 26 people think, in the total of several thousand players and several thousands of players

conclusion: only those of your clan voted to favor of your proposal … (this must be a joke)


these are paid and the change is also given

in others words!!!


look this @bestplayerintheworld

@Elcent (please verify for correct Sorry to be labeled but I want you to follow up on this and for sure to have an opinion contrary to those that promote the post will mark my intervention.)


Yes it is a very skewed question with a negative stigma attached to those who voted “no.” Therefore, this survey has no valid meaning. Voted “no” anyways.

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I don’t agree at 100%.i hope that this reward is not an exclusive item or a legendary item. It would not be fair


Reward could be the ominous relic. A use for that atrocity of an item.
Still rewards could be nice, but the whole thing would have to be embedded in a tutorial so that people would want to join the forum.

Poll 2: How should the voting be done?

  • The choice of winner must be done by 1 or more person of Supermechs staff.
  • The winner must be chosen by a jury of 2 or 4 members (50% staff, 50% community members).
  • The election of winner is done by the vote of community, without intervention of the staff.

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Poll 3: What kind of recognition should receive the winner?

  • Write a recognition and congratulation message in forum.
  • Grant the winner a distinctive that can only be used in forum. E.g.: a special badge.
  • Grant the winner a distinctive that can be used in forum and something else that can be used in game.
  • Grant the winner only something that can be used in the game.

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I have an idea for an in-game reward: How about they give you a choice of an elemental color kit? You can choose fire (heat mechs) Lightning (energy mechs, and one for physical, I just cant think of one rn.

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I think that here are more or less all the suggestions that we have discussed on the other topic.

If any suggestions I left on the way, please tell me and we add it.

It’s just that Sarah told us that they don´t have capacity to create anything new in the game.

It has to be something that already exists. If it’s a color kit, it should be a kit of what’s available now.

oh…how about, since white is awesome, the community winner guy gets maybe 4-5 of the white color kits?

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