Do we really need the item limit?

The item limit seems to be temporarily off again…

Thankfully, this now allows me to continue playing the game, and collect tokens, because with the item exceeded, it can be frustrating not being able to complete the daily missions because the item limit is full.

Now, I have said it in a lot of forum posts - the item limit is too low. With six mech slots, at least 300 should be the minimum number if the inventory count will include power kits and equipped inventory.

I am pushing toward not including equipped items as part of inventory. Think of it as a “warehouse” where you store unused items and building materials. A “mech” should be counted as one unit.

The game needs more space to store parts. If you need them for upgrade points, then a simple item converter - to turn items to power kits (which will not form part of inventory count, too) should be available. That is, if this game wants to uphold the principle of low inventory count and buy for more space.

Parts in storage are generally divided into two categories - items for upgrade components (for building epics and legendaries to upgrade your currently equipped items to convert to mythical), items for possible use in the future (parts/weapons which you recently obtained and you need to power up). The rest are upgrade fodder. When the item limit hit, the game’s progression froze for me. I almost ended up using my parts for upgrade components as upgrade points so I could free up more space! But then I could only free up a handful and when I open boxes, I would be dealing with them two to three items at a time. If it’s a rare or common, upgrade immediately. Until I hit a gold issue and need to farm for more gold (which also keeps building up the unclaimed boxes).

And speaking of buying for more space - is 5 inventory slots worth the 30 tokens? That’s six tokens per inventory slot… Does that seem reasonable? We do earn 10 tokens per daily mission… But shouldn’t those tokens be used for more important things like buying premium boxes?

tl:dr: does this game really need an item limit? The current gameplay of using inventory to build and upgrade seems like it would make item count lower as opposed to the previous gameplay of items for fusion only.

Because of the item limit i sometime mistakenly fuse important item into other item. Than i start scratching my head what i have done. I want to keep atleast two same item but not possible yet.

The game seems to want us to have only one mech… It would be tough to experiment or have fun with different builds.

Im going to copy top heat mech i dont have any other options. So i know which thing to keep n upgrade. Because I dont know weapons hierarchy.

Dev caught by big pay users, cant help free users.

Actually the cost increases by 5 tokens every time you purchase an additional 5 slots…

EXACTLY … because tokens are already worthless on premium boxes… I opted to buy few slots instead - just few minutes later when you reach price of 100+ T per 5 slots you realize how bad implications are…and that is only 50ish more slots - and you hit the deadend regretting…

The fact that they’ve re-extended this inventory limit worries me…what exactly are they planning to do? Like you, I’ve already been bitten just before the update went live (that whole ultra cooling mod fiasco), so I’ve only purchased a few slots to see how they’d work.

What is with this game and the whole “increasing prices” thing?? :confused: