Do we need an Academy also (similar to BD "Adopt a newb center")


@Wepwawet gave me a brilliant idea, on how to improve the community.
BD community has a long lasting reputation of being friendly and helpful to each other, this i think we need amongst ourselves.
So why not make our own academy, in which we help the new, newer, and the rusty players of our game.
I have received many pms from different players on how to build their mechs, and how to improve their gameplay. In most cases the answer was just a repeat of older answers, but in some i really had to dig deeper.
I find that this should be out in the open.
What if we made an Academy, in which we, the older and more experienced take under our wing several of the new players and work with them and teach them the ropes of the game. And i dont mean just some random advice, but actual mentorship.
What you say community, should we make our own Academy? [poll type=regular public=true]




It looks like that from our perspective… but it could be sarcasm.


It would be great. Also while you train others, you improve yourself.

And in this there is also exchange of ideas and situations, which make you modify habits.

Also feeling supported by someone gives new people confidence and values. Like the importance of teamwork, honesty in the game, etc.


I will also put this out there. Community run teams like this also help create a more cohesive community overall :slight_smile:
Those you used to only see as rivals may now be a fellow mentor. There is currently no reason for different SM clans to interact with one another much (aside from fighting each other), so this helps bridge that gap in mentality. You’ll end up having mentors from many different top teams, and each with their own play styles all working to help newer players.


The issue with this is dev support. On Battle Dawn, the dev programmed it to send new players a message with the link to the Battle Dawn Academy. Would the devs of SM do that? And where would the message be put or when would it show up?


Excelent point, we can ask @Mohadib and @Sarah247 to help us out.
If this is agreed by the community , and we prove to the devs we can actualy pull it toghether, they could include this in the game tips: “Need help? Want to improve? Get some help at SMA!”( ok it looks like some sort of credit comercial but you get the ideea).
And also pop up in the tutorial, and a direct link to the academy somewhere the help/guide thing, would be nice.


It has to be something simple. Player gets the help right away and not such an organized and bureaucratic thing that he has to wait days.


The idea about a Clan in SuperMechs helping new members is from …


The idea / suggestion about a simular to the BDA system (BattleDawn) in SuperMechs is from me …

That you claim it now as idea from someone else …


Anthropologists say that diffusionism is a mistake and that new ideas emerge when the right conditions are met. And when the right conditions are given, they awaken in many heads at the same time.

It does not matter, I think, who wants to put the copy, but that it takes place. Over time people will forget who wrote it, because it´s what matters least. What will remain is the institution, the event itself.


And what I hope from my heart is that it can be done.


I do agree with what Wepwawet is saying here. It’s not so much about “who” in this case, but the “how” aspect. How do you get this up and running and do people want this? I’ve had people come out of the blue and tell me I’ve stolen their ideas because I ran a GoT themed event on BD and demand recognition (even though the event really had nothing to do with GoT other than just that, the theme). Point being, the recognition shouldn’t be the main worry here. This is about the community and giving it something good.

Getting the ball rolling is the goal here. And all of you (Wep, Metre, Best) think it’s a good idea to have one. Regardless of who thought up the idea, the important aspect is the follow through. Rage came up with a specific idea (his own clan) that will focus on helping new players. You (Best) made the leap to something similar to BDA. Wep and Metre made the leap to create the topic to get it rolling. No need to fight over recognition here. The important thing should be how to create it and how it should be run.

While I have a lot of experience in helping run organizations and events on the BD side, sadly, I lack the necessary knowledge of SM’s intricacies to be able to run things on that side. So, instead of butting heads with one another, I highly suggest you all huddle up and ping some good ideas off one another on how exactly to run something like this.

Some good places to start the discussion:

  • Clan size limitations. How do you get around this problem? Or ignore clans and simply mentor players on individual basis? I have some ideas, but want you guys to think a bit on it too :slight_smile:
  • Who should be a mentor? What should the requirements for being a mentor be? What’s important in mentoring? For BDA, simply knowing how to play BD isn’t enough. We make sure mentors also know how to teach. And if they can’t, we extend our knowledge to help teach them how to become a better mentor as well.


Ah … I had a mentor when I started playing. And it´s much easy than it seems.


There have this ideea and see it thru.
Be a mentor and teach.


Individual mentors, yes, easy to do ^^ (why for quite a while, I mentored people individually). Setting up an organization to do it however is a bit more difficult as you must have standards and methods.


100% correct !
I said nothing else !

I think the Clan thing, which was the idea from @Rage is brilliant idea !

  • this Clan should be seeable in the Clan ranking
    (so that all NEW players can see it and has easy access to it)
    thats why I suggested to pin it,
    to not distract the top clans and their fight for medals, it should be of course in the lowest line !

  • about the 24 members, allow this clan 100 members
    and just put it out of the competition from clans, members can fight for the single ranking, but the clan not for clan ranking, would be not needed anyways, because it is pinned AND with all new players would be anyways not possibe to be in top 7 (with 24 members)



Best to assume that isn’t an option as of now. While it’s always fine to request and see if dev’s are willing to help out on a community driven organization, it’s best not to assume they will simply do it. Always look for a way to do with current set up (and have your alternate easier ways stated as well).


That is exactly what i was saying.
A format that can work on the curent setup.
For example:
The mentor takes under his wing 5 new players, like lvl 5-20, 3 average players lvl 20-30, and 2 players above 30. And he walk them thru. The new get the ropes and the basics, the average get pointers a d strategy guidence, the more experienced get the little suble things, like pattern recognicion, combos, moves of inside and outside range, and prediction of combat.
This way you work with all, and improve all.
Makeing a clan that does that doesnt work because:
Timezones, imposibility of private chat, the fact that after 5 -8 lines you get sent to workshop, chaotic nature of chat, off topics etc.
The way i see it, i you recruit your pupils and work with them.
Like individual tutoring, teaching each what they want to teach, if one likes heats you work with that, close range-long range, you work with him, with his pattern.And with each individual, but also as a group.
You make field trips, to the game, and after the theory, you practice.


It is a suggestion - not more not less !


And when I think back, like when I was a new player here, I would have LOVED if I see there in lowest line of the clan ranking a clan called (an other suggestion) …

  • “SuperMechs Guide Clan (for all newbs)”

That would be really a great HELP for ALL NEW players !!!

But yes, that would be some work for the devs !

At least WE can ask for, if the admins and devs like this suggestion …

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @Taloki



there also needs to be an official co-leader so that when the leader is offline the co-leader can take over (might actually need 2 co-leaders because of how many players there will be. i have high hopes that the devs can take our ideas and make them come to life) btw i am completely fine with it being similar to “Adopt a newb center”