Do we like full mark player for Raid?

Let see do we like them!

  • Yes
  • No
  • Say ### for them

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Is it just me?

It depends.

If their mark is above the maximum then I dislike their behaviour.

Nope. I’m seeing this.


what is full mark?

Full score in raids.

Oh hey that is probably me


Like this

The poll are ### lol

Atleast you blured it , good job :+1:

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I don’t hate them, really.

I just don’t like how they get those high scores. That’s what I’m saying

Loool, no point in blurring

wmist baka ;-;

Wow! What a great thread for the Three Musketeers to debate in! coughB&T&Wcough

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I love you though~ :blush:

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It’s the right thing to do to prevent flame war here, m’kay? :slightly_smiling_face:

Still think flamewars are cool? Think again

0 flamewar = kool elcent

3 flamewars = angery elcent


“M’kay”, i am not interested in “wars”

I just said there’s no point in blurring cuz everyone knows who is in top list

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because they are players, not aliens

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