Do something fast

No doubt this update brought a lot of problems and the main one is money.

My best account with more than 200+ Items and at least 70% are mythical, Now tell me how can I get rid of that? It is not enough for me to buy money and I do not have PayPal account as to buy Tokens …

It will not be long and then they will take away my best things and I can not save them because I do not have space, thanks Tacticsoft. MANY DAMN THANKS …


None of your items are deleted after the grace period. However, you won’t be able to get any new items until you make space for them.

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Now it makes a little sense, but do you know how much time it will cost me to raise the money to get rid of things? And if I campaign, they will give me boxes, even if I do not want them, I will receive boxes from the Daily and I will not be able to do anything.


the rewards from daily thingy get stored in unclaimed boxes. so they are always there.


Go get the free tokens through sonic click ads then buy gold or more inventory slots.
Inventory slots = 25 tokens gets you 5 new slots which is way over priced but whatcha gonna do, it is what it is.

I still have 3000 items that I will slowly fuse once I get better items to bother with.

I really don t see the problem you only have 200+ items you can get rid of them in about an hour or just buy slots,some player have over 1000 items.

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I know that 200+ items is not much but 70% are a little mythical and those are the most expensive, it will be a bit difficult but I think I will be able to with time … I hope I can do something fast

i had around 1300 items before the update. now i have 800 ^-^

TACTICSOFT raise the limit to at least 300 so we can do all this special high efficiency boosting on all 3 of our bots.

In game tips that are useless with such low inventory abilities.
“TIP: Use items of the same category (torso, legs, side weapons, etc) for extra efficiency when Boosting.”

“TIP: Use items of the same type (physical, Energy, Heat) for extra efficiency when Boosting.”

“TIP: Don’t be afraid to try new items. you might like them more than you think!”


This high efficiency thing doesn’t even work, looks like it gives me exactly the same amount of power as a non-matching item. And it costs the same.

LMAO not surprised with how wonky everything is here now.
Still we should get 300 slots to cover the variations needed for 3 different bots.

Luckily time is the only thing I’ve wasted here.
Will stick around a while to see if things get better, if not will have to go back to Steam games.