Do something about "Saving Progress"


First of all, I’m not sure where to post this. Was thinking of posting it in the bugs section but I’ll do it here since I’ll suggest about removing this…

When I’m grinding in campaign, this always pops up every time I do an action. (i.e getting the yellow boxes, destroying buildings)

It’s really annoying and sometimes it takes more than 3 minutes for it to get rid of. Though I like how it saves your progress in campaign because you never know that sudden power outage. But seriously, I’m about to get the last yellow box then this pops up… So probably this should only pop up when you’re almost done… only once though. Or NOT at all!

What do you think?


Maybe it could save when you’re at already 50% Progress on the mission?


This usually happens when you have unstable connection. If your connection is stable this would not be displayed at all.


i got this message even with a 10mb internet conection (not mine tee hee hee)
i think its more the server lag
servers need an update and upgrade


server lag is indeed more probable. Thanks!