Do something about chat

spanish and german chat are turned to dating site now. also they are talking pervert things. am i right?

  • remove them and make only global chat
  • get a chat moderator
  • dont do anything

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They would go to eng global chat m8


Simplest way to handle this. IGNORE those chats. If it really bothers you so much, why are you even there?

Ignore it, everyone knows both of those chats are to be avoided unless you’re hyped up on hormones and wanting to get rid of your internet virginity.

These type of threads need to end


I don’t totally agree with you , because it’s the responsibility of the Devs to make sure this stays as a gaming site , and not a P0R* site , I don’t think this kind of chats should be allowed on a game…

I would support keeping a few active players as moderators and giving chat banns to ppl who don’t follow rules.

No, believe me I wish the same. But so far these devs and mods have shown complete ignorance for it. So at this point why even bother if you know they won’t do anything?

incompetence anyone?

I don’t think that you should delete them…but having a chat moderator.
That should be the best anwser.
Once we have them…everyone will speak their launguage.

P.S:I wish someone speak German at German chat…cuase speak German :wink:

Well altile

Is there someone holding a gun to your head, forcing you to watch those chats? English global is the default chat you’re in when you enter anyways.

delete Spanish chat … seriously? then you just want me to live the English chat oh go …

besides that this will not work because good if you eliminate two channels you will have a lot of weird people in the English chat doing spam but not being able
also nobody forces you to see the Spanish and German chat


true. i changed title. is it better?

It’s vague and doesn’t really tell you what it’s about.

Specifically I mean.

well at least there is a free chat,idk what they do on spanish(i don t understand) but german chat it s just for roll plays,maybe you saw some creepy guys on

I have just found out that if you are a chat moderator…does not matter how active you are…
You can take a litle brake…

Can i be a chat moderator?

I would offer myself as a chat administrator since I am a person who is absurdly active, although I know that they would not do this better… xD

Chat moderator seems like a cool idea, maybe make a poll on this ?

Ok i will make it yeah?
Cause i have nothing to do in my life.

  • Yes we want chat moderator!
  • No…For freedom!

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No one on this site is qualified to be a Mod. Pretty sure there’s an extensive list of rules and do’s and don’ts somewhere.

No offense but you wouldn’t be chosen

Yeh…bad luck is sometimes alway’s on my side…
I will never be someone lol

Btw the poll is asking to get chat moderator…not me.

Not a forum/chat mod. But someone you can be you try.

And my apologies, your comment above the poll implied that. Here’s hoping we do get a fair chat mod. Otherwise rip.

I wonder what could a so-called chat mod do … remove comments? uh … can you expel people for a certain time? it really would not do much good that I think :sweat_smile:

You guys are all Elcent wannabes lol.

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