DO NOT buy prenium boxes if you are in deep need of epics

According to my gameplay experience and my lilttle calculations :

Prenium boxes = 75 tokens = 1 epic ( Rarely a legendary )
50 tokens = 50000 gold
Devide that and we have 10 tokens = 10000 gold
So 75 tokens = 75000 gold

My experience is that it would cost you atleast around 50000 gold to fabricate an EPIC by yourself:
1 Rare = Free ( Easily get from campaign or daily free boxes )
a bunch of junk items + fussion cost + evolve cost = from 50000 to 65000 ( Depends on players )

Daily missions reward + Campaign reward + other sources ( Campaign , achievements , etc )
= 80000 ( Takes about 15 minutes to do all these )

Soooo according to the calculations i did above , i think my opinion is that with this daily doings you can farm atleast one epic a day , if you want to farm epics , buy more golds instead of straight to the prenium boxes for a more profit method

What do you think about this , better to spend tokens on prem boxes for epics or gold for epics ? feel free to reply below folks

I never got epic from common boxes so how we suppose to get epic, without premium box ?

Get a rare , juse junkies items to it , then evolve it into epic with 3 more rare items , Done

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the chance to get an epic has been increased now there is a slight chance for legendary

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that was never confirmed.[quote=“Mohadib, post:9, topic:6240”]
Silver Box is intentionally not going to give Legendary and Mythical, this is why it’s relatively cheap and that’s why it is given in the free boxes (the free boxes are silver boxes). You do have a chance to win an Epic item in that box, though.

you have solid math but things change a bit when you scale it up with the 1000 token for 1.55m gold.
in that case you get 10 tokens = 15500 gold.
so the premium box =75tokens = 116250 gold.

What really annoys me is that the common item boxes increase their price gradually.

I could invest many more coins, if the price were constant. With this system of increasing the price, when I reach 20,000 coins (gold), I no longer want to invest more. It scares me.

Those silver boxes really have no business having their prices increased with each purchase. It should just remain at a fixed price.


Something similar happens to me with the 75 tokens boxes … if the chances of getting a good legendary are so scarce and remote, I am discouraged to buy. In fact I am buying a lot less than before the update. And this is the reason.

The scarce possibilities of getting what I need, discourage me to buy. It don´t motivate me.

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Yes, if I remember correctly the price increase per box was implemented halfway through the beta and was hated instantly. It’s a shame it’s still there because it’s pretty pointless - ppl who are going to try their luck for a legendary in a premium box don’t really bother with the common box. That “small chance of an epic” really is doesn’t add anything - I get the feeling Tacticsoft have an obsession with thinking that Epics are worth something - They’re not. And as @TheWindWeaver 's stated, you’d probably be better off making your own if you’re so inclined.

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For me it has the opposite effect.
I mean, I spend less.

The closer you spend to $0… the better…


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Everything in life has a Flux price.

You do not study for months or years in a university or an institute, pay as a good citizen your studies, contribute to Social Security for your work, built a web page (in this case a game), spend hours of your life to it. And all for nothing or for very little.

It is common sense that people and companies expect to make a profit for the services they provide. Therefore I am not against people paying to have fun, as long as what is paid is in line with the quality of what you receive.

What I think, is that in this case, there is no good marketing policy. I consider myself a normal consumer, my work is linked to the merchants (so I understand the subject). And I’m feeling discouraged to buy.

Something then, does not work well. You may have few clients who spend a lot or many clients who spend a little each. The first option is valid in the short term (you save expenses). In the long run, if you expect to keep your co. over time, the second option is better because many customers make lots of noise and free advertising.

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I just cannot see myself paying someone that threw most of my past efforts and investments down the drain with little to no compensation, and expect me start all over again.

Especially if they give me a time limit to do that.


I can’t see yourself doing that either… neither is the case for me.
But what really kills the game…is the lack of fun factor… there is just grind or pay… without having fun.
Even in the old version there was still that fun-nerv factor, you know… hmm whom will i fight… will it be heater… or phis… now… it’s just hit play button… and you know instantantly what will happen.
The unbalalnce is greater then ever…and let’s face this… there isnt any diversity betwen builds… same 12 wepons used by evrybody… nothing else… be it energy be it phis be it heat… there are just 6 types of builds…only thing diferent torsos and modules.
And the modules really make the diference… 145 vs 315… come on.
PS: i bet you can’t see yourself chasing your tail either… but you look cute doing it :slight_smile:


That is why I say that a good marketing policy is lacking.

  • Make everything you’ve gotten with money and effort, now worth very little, discourages you to buy.

  • The campaign is extremely boring. You end up sleeping in front of the computer. No surprise gifts, no changes, it’s always the same.

  • The game is stagnant. It´s always the same ones that carry rewards. Week after week… There are no tournaments by category.

  • Absence of fun, causes people to leave from the game or become nervous. You end up losing friends, losing motivation to follow often generate fights between people.

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I did not spent money or time after new update its restrictive, confusing and more time consuming everyway as i feel. Now ppl spent more time grinding than playing.


I get epics all the time from common boxes, I don’t need them. My mech is a maxed legendary, so I’m stuck with crap

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To me I think the game is FUN there is a lot of grinding involved I spend 10$ once in a while,

I win a lot of matches and I lose some, the box openings are luck for me.

Coins isn’t a problem for me as I have a lot of gold but items thats is what I need.

@TheWindWeaver that’s how I get my Legendarys

Get a rare , juse junkies items to it , then evolve it into epic with 3 more rare items , Done

I will also say this game is unpredictable :neutral_face:

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