Do Away with XP Units


lets do away with xp units again, A really cool idea but its a bit unfair dont you think.[poll]

  • yesss indeed !
  • No No No !


Discourages killing. Would much rather it stay


i feel the opposite, encourages the little players and teams to take on the top players and teams without being amazingly penalized.


XP farming is something anyone can do. It’s not just reserved for the top alliances.


i think exp shouldnt be removed cuz it makes the players who battle hug and dont do crap all era worse than the guys who fight all era and get r4 and r5 and it actually encourages fighting


i know without the xp you used to see teams rise and fall a lot more than you see now, from my pointof view there is far less fighting with xp.


Correlation doesn’t mean causation.


Correlation can mean causation and in this case i think it does.

I voted to bring it back because i thought it was a really cool idea but if i had been around the first time it was used i would have voted no.

Question since i havent really played but a few era’s with it is it acceptable to farm colonies around you for the xp


Well can you provide some actual evidence or at least a reason as to why this is causation?


i was thinking 1 major bit of evidence is population fall off after it was brought back and the whole sub a thon play style grew into what we see now.


But that again is correlation.


I think it gives an unfair advantage and unbalance’s and hurts the game. i gave you my reasons.


I’m of the opinion that if someone is active enough and knows how to harness their army, then they should be rewarded with a better army. It’s literally the same concept as any other leveling games - the more you play with that “character” the better it gets. I can understand where you are coming from, but in my opinion XP is one of the better points of this game, and is something that actually rewards activity.


like i said its a really cool idea, i voted for it unfortunately. Do you think if we got rid of xp units that you would
quit playing ?

Also getting rid of xp units might not bring anyone back idk but i was thinking new players would be more apt to try and new teams to go for it. as it is the first time you lose an army to a single squad crush’s your will to fight on, for what ? you got it G lets just be pals.

getting rid of xp units makes everyone a threat to the top teams.

I’m captain edit guy sorry.
So what if a player is inactive for most the round they still deserve a chance to come back and take the win without penalties tied to it.

i am actually in that dilemma now, havent played ina long time, not on a team or just finally got on one after tick 600 and my little army while beautiful not exactly deadly because no xp, what do i do ? start attacking dead colonies for xp to become relevant in whats left of the round, I’m not sure how acceptable that would be but there does not seem to be units on these colonies even if i wanted to try it !

so what do i do ?? i’m going to lose badly if i stand up to a top team at this point in the round.


there’s some other ideas in the works bout xp. But the addition of xp was not the cause of population fall. That’s due to other factors


do you have a link Malicewolf


It’s not out or official. Just in the works


thanks for the hot tip Malicewolf.

this might not be irrelevant now but, this particular world i’m on its early really only tick 600 and 1 team is farming the world basically. not mad at em at all they are doing theyre job very well but the team i joined has them blue and thats all thats left to kill, no xp and no way to get any and its only tick 600 !!! no chance in hell we got i only joined out of boredom and the leader has medals out wazoo but really there is literally nothing to do its the deadest world i have everrrr rrrr rrrrr r r r seen. everyone thats left is allied to them and they are wrecking anything otherwise that pops a flag up. one of the allied just handed over a relic even. i hate when teams hand over relics just saying but that is a different topic.


is this world M1 by any chance? mwahahahaha


I’m not even on M1, i’m on F1 and E3

ok yes its m1 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: