Do activated shield(due to a hostile) Stop friendly units?

basically if my shields are up, and then i send troops into my colony, will they enter my colony or will they stay at the shield ?

they will enter your colony .

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Also can i charge my shield while it is up i.e. there are hostiles standing outside

no u cannot recharge it while its up , once its down then u can recharge it
If u are thinking that an enemy attacks u and u keep recharging it and they stand outside the colony forever then nope , it dont work that way

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One last question , can i switch my shields off, so it doesn’t block any incoming enemy … in both cases beforehand and when the shield is already up

Thanks for your time

U can switch it off beforehand but not once its activated once its up it will go on for the number of ticks it was recharged for

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You can’t turn your shield off automatically once it’s up. But you can turn it off prior to it going up if you see incoming that you can stop easily (such as a spam attack). The only way to “turn off” a shield while it’s already up is to relocate (which isn’t really turning it off).

And you CAN recharge your shield while it’s up. BUT it won’t add to the shield. It’ll only prep the next shield (which you’ll have to turn back on after the 1st one wears off). Basically, it’s just a prep that you can spend your energy on.