👑 Divine Tier Listing

Let’s collect all characters , costs and pictures of the Divine forms of mythical items! Like Maxed Mythicals Listing created by Andernut.

@Andernut and other active forum members. Please , join to it! Thanks!

Costs of divines depends of from what tier mythical item starts

@Andernut and other active forum members. Please , join to it! Thanks!

Here is the costs for Divine form

And here is example of how looks divine item on inventory and example of visual effect while firing (Face Shoker)
Screenshot%20(3) Screenshot%20(5)


Here it is!
Sorry for russian language…
Screenshot Screenshot%20(1)


Screenshot%20(3) Screenshot%20(4) Screenshot%20(5) Screenshot%20(6)

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57%20PM 38%20PM 08%20PM 18%20PM 28%20PM 36%20PM

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Screenshot%20(9) Screenshot%20(8) Screenshot%20(7)

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Screenshot%20(11) Screenshot%20(10)Screenshot%20(13) Screenshot%20(12)Screenshot%20(14) Screenshot%20(15)


Screenshot%20(18) Screenshot%20(19) Screenshot%20(20)Screenshot%20(21) Screenshot%20(22)

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my dudes, you dont need the stat pages to work it out.

just take the max mythical stats and multiply by 1.05.


There’s one thing why I do it.

Not all there’s a 5% buff. Look at Desolation. Calculate their dmg and look at this pictureScreenshot%20(23)


hmmm… a bug maybe? that’s strange that some should not get the full 5% considering how small a 5% buff really is.

And desolation isn’t alone… Try to check other weapons. I noticed it so recent

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naga torso

should be 1,031HP 293 energy 202 heat.

leads me to believe that the buff rate depends on the item tier. ie epic ones like naga and deso get less than legendary things like platinum plating etc.

which is interesting because it means that sabretooth torso will actually end up being more powerful than the zarkares in its final form if this theory is true. @lordgorgon will be pleased.


Me and lordgorgon noticed it. Zarkares and Sabretooth have different characters

1177 hp divine Zarkares VS 1219 hp divine Sabretooth


expanding on my theory, I believe it will be

5% buff for L-MS
4% buff for E-Ms
3% buff for R-Ms


another iregular is the monkey torsos. they get buffed higher than 5%

let me see


1.05 X 1664 = 1747.2


Another strange : not buffed resistance , cooling and regen. Buffs aren’t so big to no buff them

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Same with boosters. With 5% there would be 66 , not 65
It could be working, using your theory

UPD : yeah , it could.
63 X 1.05 = 66.15
63 X 1.04 = 65.52
63 X 1.03 = 64.89

it appears to be fairly random but trending towards higher buffs for higher item levels