Dissatisfied Customer

The sale on boxes had horrible drop rates like the one time before it happen.

I spent 5500 tokens and got one weapon i maybe able to use later on and 4 or 5 junk legs. Ever single single box i bought had a purple. I serious cant believe what happen. :frowning:

@Sarah247 can you please check and see if they lower rate of drops and do something to make it right. Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

It’s getting hard to play without claw or hp plates :frowning: I am long time supporter of the game. After spending 600 token on ever portal and buying boxes for this sale. I cant really believe it all have to do with luck :frowning:


I have not bought anything yet, but I’ll see on my Alt acc.

You should buy camos :joy:
But for real I can’t get claw nor plats too :sob:

I acctualy don’t have any problems.
Everytime i open premium packs i get legy.

Meaning that something is happening with your account lad.
Or something else.


The Drop rates are equal or the RNG is a human and just loves other people but that’s impossible so RNG just hates you then?

I noticed this, you have 3-6 Claws and 7-8 Plates. :joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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20 charechter limit lol

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oh yeah, rip pls dont flag me

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Happy would bave that, hed be top 3 every week…

I wonder what did you get.


Nothing. Didnt buy…
I have everything i need anyway, save for 1 or 2 items.
You landed good stuffs?

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Go up and see what i got.

And that seem smart.

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Premium hooks are the good stuff.

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Sure it is,and some Spark runners as well.

I’m sorry HappyPoppers

I too have not gained legendary and much spend a lot of money
also campaign and portal ,many hours
I think every boss wins less
I think he’s trying double expense that last year

so I have to slow down my spending or stop

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After the one sale where the drop rates were non existent then they gave a few boxes in recompose, which gave me nothing as well, I learned my lesson.

I let other people open boxes and wait half a day now to find out if Tacticsoft has changed the drop rates to screw customers and benefit themselves.

Unfortunately, this portal seems to have the same horrible drop rates as your Pack buying. After 6 refills and barely seeing any epics I’m guessing the L+ drop rates it half that compared to the Flaming Hammer portal.

It REALLY is starting to bother me that we can’t expect the same drop rates for each portal or each pack buying spree. Why does this company not believe in consistency?