Display All Stats on Workshop Item Cards (cool/regen and cap damage)

I recently found out on another thread that a drone I had dismissed as average actually does 6 cool damage as well. I feel like you shouldn’t need to work out from third parties the full stats of what your own items do. why aren’t these stats displayed in the workshop item cards?[poll type=regular public=true]

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  • No
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I remember that before Reloaded, it was showing “hidden stats” (Cooling/Regen/Capacity Damages) in the workshop…

I recycled a Cooldown Breaker that way… X.X

That’s why it’s called hidden ability and it’s very effective for my Mamur drone that grabs cooling damage :smiley:

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Pretty sure it’s an unintended problem rather than an actual feature. Probably forgot to add those values or (more likely) they don’t show up due to some programming error.

Or maybe the developers were very tired and threw the statistics out the window xD

old workshop was better
more eficient
better looking
and show u all from every item when u check it


Strange that workshop was my best friend in battle and when I did not want to move my finger as much as the new workshop xD I like it if they understood the reference xD

Yes it used to show when it had a hover over popup which they either forgot to put back in or like so many other things THEY don’t feel we should be be informed.
Just like NOT knowing what HP, HEAT, ELE benefit/cost are connected to future levels of torso, weapon, modules etc like we used to have all info right in the SETTINGS/MYTHICAL page.

TS has plenty of room to add all extra into to the spec cards in the workshop and NO RHYME or reason WHY THOSE SPECS AREN’T openly stated in the stat cards.

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