Discussion on the item limit and why I think it should be increased

Hello all

So the item limit that was implemented. First of all I understand why its been done and it works quite well as it forces you to boost your items. But it needs some balancing to allow for experimenting and testing out different builds.

Some numbers:
A fully equipped Mech has 23 slots to fill. That’s 69 for 3 mechs and then 1 more mech which people use as a campaign mech. So lets say 80 items go towards these mechs. This leaves you with a small amount of 20 spaces left at lvl 30 without having to buy more space. And in 1 day you tend to receive 20+ items if you are active and are therefore forced to also boost with said items as well to make space for the next day.

You also have to store legendary and epic items that you wish to sacrifice to transform new items to the next tier. of which i currently store about 10 legendary items just for future sacrifices when i receive the right weapons for my build.

In addition to this paint and power units are also counted under this limit.

I feel that the points made above are too limiting to allow for quick changes to your mech and force you down a path to stick very much to the mech you made and would therefore like to make the following suggestions to ease this effect.

  1. Power units and Paint no longer counted in item count
  2. Increase the limit of all levels slightly eg. Lvl 30 gets 120 slots.
  3. Allow players to spend coins on increasing the size of the item limit (Would also increase as reds cost does)

Any of the above would help with the item limit. And yes i realise you can currently use reds to extend the limit but who wants to use 475 reds to increase the limit by 50 :confused: that’s 6 premium boxes you could get!

###Please vote to show if you support any of my suggestions!

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  • I dislike all of them
  • I have another suggestion I’ll add below

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I think the default item limit should be increased to at least 200 or even 250, before factoring in other numbers such as bonus slots from Levels.

100 is just too little, no matter how you look at it.

Bonus slots from Levels should be more significant as well, and it should come in a more steady manner, bonus slots every 5 Levels would be good.

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How about something along the lines of 130 at Lvl 30 and then +5 every 5 levels?
lvl 30 = 130
lvl 50 = 150
lvl 100 = 200
lvl 150 = 250

This would give everyone a much higher drive to get to the higher levels. (Currently i’m not bothered about levelling up to 150… to get about 30 more slots…)

I still think having 130 as a default value isn’t too great.

I think a more reasonable item limit to start with would be around 200-250.

I feel a limit that high would get the newer players to horde items too much. Its a good idea to have the limit to encourage using items to boost.

Really 250 items is hoarding? When you have 80 stuck in mechs? That give you like 170 for boosting and transforming… try to see how many items you need to boost a myth…
I can do bigboy 13 times/ refill… that is 13 items.
If i go for gold farm… and gor for lvl 2 on den… i get 58 items cause of chest…and nr of runs

Please read the full post. For newer players 250 items would be too much.

A newer player would have just 1 mech they should be working towards at the start. As you level up from 30 is when i think you should be considering making more mechs and when the item limit should be increased further (to eventually 250 as Flux suggested.)

I also suggested the idea of using coins to pay for further weapons slots meaning you could extend beyond the 250 item limit if required.

I was talking bout the limit for lvl 150 the limit beeing 250! I was refering to that limit beeing low for players with 3 mechs… who wasn’t reading carefully? I would sugest 450 for lvl 150, because at that lvl you are a top player and you need the space to adapt builds faster… and need to keep a reserve of myths to change on the go. I used to have 3 sets in the old version… that i could change in a minute.
Altho i agree there should be a limit… but even 250 sounds low for me. Have in mind that you need to upgrade/fuse 2 sets of mechs
Like the ideea of gold for slots… sound like Viva Las Vegas :))

I see between us there may have been a miscommunication. Above is how i read the convo.

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I think we should be able to NOT accept new items. I don’t need a bunch of useless stuff when I have 7000 items to fuse. I feel like a freakin hamster. I can’t make enough gold to get rid of stuff. When I do I am gifted the same or more in battles, campaign.

Everything else I agree with above… Hamster OUT


I prefer no item limit at all (why the old game didn’t have it but the new one does is a mystery to me, you just alienate your players who like to be ‘collectors’), but since we are stuck with an item limit, I would have to say I want all three options.

I want frivolous items to not take up precious inventory space, and I want more space, and I want more ways to get space. By the way, spending tokens to get space is hilariously silly. I did the math on it here:

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