Discussing the language you use

Throughout the years, I have concluded that swearing was becoming more regular as time goes on, and some people even told me that it is a necessary thing to include in a course of action when someone deserves it. However, obscene language is wrong, that’s my opinion. Making a statement with a false element/key argument trying to prove it is correct by making the argument more complex would be sophistry, which is what I have heard many many times, when people argue that obscene language is a necessity.

My thesis

The use of obscene language represents malacious intent, you may use it in a different manner. But that would not change the fact that you used a word that dramatically causes your language standards to drop down. And obscene language wouldn’t just be directly saying it, but some people talk around the meaning of a word, conveying it’s meaning in different manners to avoid being hammered by the fact that they use obscene language. However, when arguing wether they did or did not, trying to defend themselves would be sophistry again.

Perhaps if everyone tried to avoid using such language, we would have a better society from only one aspect of it. And another thing would be to stop conveying the low language standard in different manners to agrue with fraud.

The question to you is:

Do you think that using obscene language is wrong, or right?

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My opinion is that broadly speaking we should avoid using obscene language, its not nice and gives others the impression that we are someone we wouldn’t like to be. In other words it has a negative impact on the image of our profile that the other person forms.
However, at some certain cases, alternating our language form and making it lean towards what you call “obscene language” is the only way to make someone understand that he is at fault and that what he has done is terrible. Otherwise he wouldn’t consider his action and wouldn’t understand that he has done something terrible and serious, he wouldn’t take us seriously, in the cases that he has. at rare cases, some strictness may be necessary.

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It really depends, in Eng I rarelyyyyyy ever swear and when I do it’s for a joke with close friends. When talking in French however it’s basically impossible to find me not swearing in a sentence because that’s just the style of speech that I have

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I am not a fond swearer, but when I do, it’s usually because I have already expressed my anger with other words and the person/group does not understand. So, with that explanation, I swear because swearing is usually the ultimate form of expressing rage or extreme sadness. It is then that the person/group I am talking to will realize that they have truly done something wrong. It is at that point that they see how angry I am. And that because they did not care, I had to resort to the only thing that would get their attention.


Sounds about right, lol.

Why is the average so low.

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i don’t know, i liked your topic and how you analysed the matter so i voted with 9/10, for me you have done a great job

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exactly, that’s what I’m talking about

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In french I almost never sware
In english I sware when someone is annoying

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