Discount in Premium Boxes/Pack

Does this game have discounts in holidays?

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Usually they give out a few boxes to each player during a holiday. If you are thinking of buying boxes though then I would say wait because sometimes they have sales out of nowhere.

Not always. Since the “beta” update, I haven’t seen a single instance of this.

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May be they are waiting for Christmas. Santa will bring two premium boxes for free. Hohoho

Yea the TS Santa will bring you all kinds of ahem CRAP and you’ll be charged double as a courtesy. :imp:

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Unless the item limit is off - you need to have free space to receive free boxes…

4 days ago it was reset giving us 18 days while they discuss the limits.

Either way we have 14 days left till they lockout the DMZ (aka Demilitarized Zone) again.

I do hope they return discounts again.

And also free Premium box on holidays.

Frankly, the old box division was not bad. Normal boxes, then silver and gold premium box with a small myth chance, then mythical boxes…

Just swap out the mythical with “legendary” and this game might be fun again.

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The saying goes "why reinvent the wheel"
I guess TS wants to do just that rather than keep a good thing in use as well as keeping it’s customers happy.

At least they’re trying a little harder with their new Premium pack but to be honest it’s still sketchy as the hit/miss ratio for getting Legendary is questionable to say the least. It’s keeping me from buying any boxes after the last bunch I got in September only got 1 freaking Legendary out of 100 boxes and it was a dam DUPE of what I had. While 3 weeks earlier I got 5 out of a less number of boxes…

TS disrespecting your customers will have you ending up with very few customers left…

They really should display the % chance of whatever we are getting in the boxes.
if it’s 1% legendary, fine… just state the fact. Changing the % every update and not stating it is the same as cheating/scamming.

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Which mech ur using ?