Discord Server. Please?

TS should make a discord server for SM, change my mind.

Well, having a discord server for SM would be better. Why? Discord is faster, smoother, and easier to handle than the software used in the TS Community Forums. Images would be sent faster, chatting would be improved, and TS Devs/Mods can make announcements faster. The whole point of making a discord server is to making everything faster. That’s not to say that the TS Community Website is shit, I mean it kinda is, but it also has some neat features. But its just my opinion, I’m fine if it takes forever for an SM discord server to pop up, and I’m fine if it will never be made.

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yes, you are right TS should make an official discord server of SM

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We have the unnoficial atm

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TS don’t own SM anymore :eyes:


Nice to see you Elcent but also there is an offical Discord.

TheRealTehcLahb, no thanks, I prefer this forum.

Is there a huge difference?

In what way is chatting improved?

I don’t see that being an issue on the forum. Type a reply on the forum. Then, hit the reply button. Massage send immediately. And if an admin needs to pin a topic, I can’t imagine it being difficult to do.

Let’s do a breakdown on the reasons I prefer the forum over Discord.


When I look at the forum’s features, I see this:


When I look at Discord’s features on the phone, I see this:

By the way, I couldn’t take a photo of these features on Discord with my PC since the tooltip features/options would disappear before I could select it for a photo. That’s a con for me. I ended up taking a photo on my phone instead.

In comparing the photos above, I see the forum has a lot more features than Discord. For instance, the forum has a poll, whereas it isn’t obvious how to make a poll on Discord if there’s even that option available.

Viewable Texting Space

The forum is set-up more like a word processor layout, while Discord more akin to a phone texting layout. With that said, Discord looks more clutter, while the forum looks roomy.

Looking at the photos below, you can see the difference:


Another reason I prefer the forum’s layout is because it looks organized. In the photo below, I see what’s going on for each topic: frequent posters, replies, activities, etc.


Speaking of organized, in the photo below, I can switch categories with easy. Then, I can look at all the topics within that category.

Read Time

In the photo below, there’s a lot of info. I think the most important info for random viewers is the “Summarize This Topic” info describing the total replies and the read time, so there’s no mystery on the read time.


There’s a convenient option to use a translator on the forum. That’s a plus for communicating with people who has a foreign language.

Target Audience & Topic Theme

I feel the forum is set-up for a bigger audience, while I get the impression Discord is set-up for a smaller group of people.

With that said, the chats on the forum are more focus by topics, while Discord is basically one huge off-topic chat. On Discord, people mainly talk on the server’s main channel about whatever.


I’m not sure about bookmark on Discord. I do like that feature in the forum. I can access important info with relative ease.


In the end, it comes down to a personal preference. For myself, I like the forum’s features, organize set-up, roomy view, detailed info on the forum, and the focus of the topics. When I think about Discord, it makes me think I’m texting on my phone, whereas on the forum I’m texting on my PC.

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If you ask me, discord servers are more for idle chatter, while forums can allow for topics to gain more traction since they are somewhat more permanent


MechSlayer, that’s a good comment. I agree with you.

I was wondering why 7 people joined my server

oh god, i did not fucking expect someone to write an essay -_-
anyways, you did make a point, but im guessing discord is mostly for uhh… Non-mobile people, also, the image sending in forums is kinda wack, why? I dont know if its just me, but if im in a hurry, and I want all images sent at the same time, the file names would join, therefore break the file sending, but idk if thats just me

Hehehe, you’re welcome!

Frankly, as you put it, I did the “essay” because there’s a debate raging on where the new forum will be at.

Since you made this topic right on cue with the “new forum” debate, I figured this is an excellent opportunity to discuss this publicly with the forum community, hence my “essay”.

As for uploading files, I don’t think it’s a big difference on speed with Discord and the forum. If so, it isn’t a big deal as far as I’m concerned.

There is a sm official?

Yes, it’s on Discord. It’s used for the express purpose for debating the new forum location.

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Discord sucks.

If you use Discrd, you must pray that your password is not lost. Because you will follow the tutorial to recover your password, you will mark the link that they offer you and a window will open that has nothing to do with it.

Also, Discord doesn’t have a free translator like Chrome. So for those who don´t understand or cannot express themselves in English, it will leave them out of the forums. I´ve no problems with English (and with 4 more languages), but I´m not so selfish to think only of myself. I think of all the others who have the right to be informed and participate.


I couldn’t agree with you more, Wepwawet! :clap:

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There’s like five of them already. Search the discords. One I know is for Workshop Unlimited. Another is a sprite server, etc. Some seem like ghost towns, but some are active.

i don’t know this feature of the forum, if i say the following in portugese that is my native language:

esse tópico é muito bom para conhecer mais sobre o fórum desse jogo

can someone exemplify this feature to me because i want see this on action

Right click on the text and some of them let you translate to the language you set your browser to.

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Thank you for mentioning that, Elcent.